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The widespread use and development trend of special cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-11

Special cable is different from ordinary cable, special cable can be used in special occasions, but also has its special features, such as high temperature resistance, resistance to acid and alkali, anti termite. Among them, high temperature resistant wire and cable are mainly applied in energy development, iron and steel, aerospace, petroleum mining and smelting areas. The cooling effect of low inductance cable is good, not only the flow of cooling water, and can not be blocked and the current limit. Low noise cable is mainly used in medical, industrial, defense and other needs of small signal measurement field, to be aware of the bass. In addition to functional electric wire and cable and the new green environmental protection cable.

The development direction of special cable diversification. Large military enterprises shouldering the national modern equipment and high-tech equipment tasks, demand for cable to the light weight, high temperature resistance are particularly large. The construction of the cable is the main wire and cable double flame retardant high temperature resistant wire and cable and low smoke halogen-free and environmental protection, mainly in order to prevent fire hazards, prevent unsafe incidents. As China increasingly tense energy, oil, natural gas exploitation began to turn to face the sea, the demand for integrated cable for the marine area increases. The domestic civil aviation enterprise vigorous development, Boeing aircraft to the cable consumption especially, among them, most of the light weight, small volume, high temperature radiation crosslinking or silane crosslinked cable. In the special cable many types, especially the number of high temperature superconducting transmission cable market prospects. High temperature cables with its strong vitality, used in various occasions and short distance transmission of high current, short.

Special cable of more types available in a few years will be the future, his role to the social development progress will be more and more important.

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