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On differences of overhead insulated cables and BLX cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-12

At present, the overhead cable is used more and more, all kinds of overhead cable companies are required in the production and development of the market, in the daily sales of production, there are still customers put forward, to order BLX cables, overhead insulated using alternative. According to the market survey, the mainstream of domestic wire and cable production enterprises have stopped production of BLX cable, the difference of the two cable of a humble opinion:

1, the current domestic production of low voltage overhead cable companies, with the national standard GB / T 12527-2008 "rated voltage 1kV and below overhead insulated cables" as the basis. The latest version of the standard for the 2008 revised and updated national standards.

Mainly used for laying, lead wire and other places overhead insulated cables, insulation material with weatherability special overhead insulated cable material, so the overhead insulated cable has the advantages of simple structure, safe and reliable, mechanical and physical performance and excellent electrical properties, resistance to environmental UV, due to the insulated with weatherability special overhead insulated cable material cable, long-term permissible operating temperature up to 70 ℃ or 90 ℃, and the electric insulating properties, volume resistivity was more than 1 × 1012 Ω m; in the laying of overhead can be reduced, the installation gap insulated cable, save the transmission line corridor, reduce the voltage drop; in use, can reduce the power supply accidents, ensure personal safety.

2, the current domestic production of BLX cable, mainly on the basis of JB/T1601-1993 "rated voltage 300/500V rubber insulated fixed wiring", the standard of 1993 issued, has in the past 20 years has not been updated, the products on the market has gradually been replaced by overhead cable.

BLX type rubber insulated fixed wiring is suitable for AC rated voltage Uo/U 300/500V and electrical equipment and lighting system below, the line allowed working temperature is 65 ℃. The structure of the aluminum conductor extruded rubber insulation, outside, woven wire and then grease asphalt materials, grease asphalt material is anti ultraviolet. This cable in use before and after two years, often due to wind the sun and cause woven glass silk abscission, damaged, resulting in its short service life, aging resistance performance is poor, and the pollution of the environment.

With the national standard of cable products constantly updated, according to the national electrical safety requirements, BLX type wire cloth in performance than the overhead cable, so the market overhead insulated cable has gradually began to replace the BLX type cable.

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