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To investigate the conductor conductor electric wires in the choose and buy

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-12

With the development of our national economy, city construction is becoming more and more prosperous, the decoration cloth wire products market demand is exuberant, wire cloth products belong to CCC mandatory product certification, all domestic manufacturers in the production implementation of national standard GB/T 5023-2008, the production of enterprises every year must be submitted to the authority inspection institutions designated products for performance testing, with inspection report and audit to obtain production licenses, such as product has not obtained the production license and production, belong to illegal behavior.

By the investigation into the market, the consumer than the same specifications of products in the market, often encounter this problem, different manufacturers of wire cloth products conductor conductor why inconsistency, for example, to 6mm2 wiring conductor as an example, some manufacturers conductor diameter is 2.76 mm, some manufacturers conductor diameter of 2.90mm or more, such give consumers to create an illusion, a conductor wire cloth outside diameter is larger, better, in fact, in view of this situation, from the following three aspects about this problem:

1 standard

The old version of wire cloth national standard GB/T 5023-1985 version of the strict provisions of the conductor diameter, DC resistance performance index, defined the 6mm2 wiring conductor outer diameter of 2.76mm; in 1997, the new national standard of wire cloth GB/T 5023-1997 version, provisions of the conductor performance indicators must meet the national standard GB/T 3956 (cable conductor), and in the GB/T 3956 standard requires the 6mm2 wiring conductor for the maximum outer diameter of not more than 2.90mm; the new cloth wire national standard GB/T 5023-2008 version, the conductor diameter and the GB/T 5023-1997 requirements are the same, conductor diameter with 6mm2 wire cloth maximum shall not exceed 2.90mm. (the GB/T 5023-1997 is the most effective new cloth wire national standards, has replaced the GB/T 5023-1985, GB/T 5023-1997 version two)

2 process

Strict regulations conductor conductor GB/T 5023-1985 standard (2.76mm) to GB/T 5023-1997 and GB/T 5023-2008 version only requests the conductor maximum outer diameter (2.90mm), which is mainly because: the last century eighty's, when the level of production technology for copper smelting of raw materials is not high, impurities in the copper rod, causing the conductor resistance is too large, so the in order to ensure the DC resistance wire cloth, the national standards set strict demands on cloth wire conductor diameter, along with the constant development and conductor copper smelting process improvement, and impurity content of copper in smaller, the industry, the factory to ensure the DC resistance of the conductor to meet the requirements of the situation, conductor diameter production has also been the corresponding decrease, the copper consumption are reduced, the maximum diameter of conductor only provisions which is in the national standard, but does not specify the value of conductor.

3, according to the conductor DC resistance formula:

R = ρ * L/
R is the DC resistance of the conductor;
P in an ambient temperature of 20 ° conductor resistance
L is a conductor unit length
S is the cross-sectional area of conductor

According to the formula, in order to ensure the cloth wire carrying capacity meet the requirements, DC resistance of the conductor must comply with the standard requirements, and DC resistance according to the formula, the affected R P and S, S and the relationship between the diameter of the conductor, the purity of ρ and copper, in the DC resistance of the conductor. A timing, when the conductor diameter is larger then p, increased, decreased copper purity, if the conductor diameter smaller, then p decreases, improve the purity of copper
According to the analysis of the above three aspects, consumers in the selection of wire cloth products, cloth wire conductor diameter size is not the only standard to judge whether the product is qualified, namely in the wiring specifications selection, conductor diameter bigger but not good, so should be judged the quality of the products according to the conductor DC resistance and mechanical performance.


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