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Power cable detailed

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-12

(One) can be safe and reliable long-term, transmission of large capacity power isolated power supply is called "power cable".

Power cable conductor is wrapped with high quality insulation material, and a cable protection layer. The main function and the overhead wire it, in the power system transmission and distribution of large capacity power. The difference and the overhead line is the power cable can be laid in various environments, secure, free from outside interference and climate change; low maintenance, durable (General requirements for more than 40 years). But the structure of power cable is more complex, manufacturing process, product prices several times higher than the overhead wires; therefore generally applied without adaptation to the overhead lines of the occasion, such as transmission and distribution lines and industrial and mining enterprises in dynamic city introduction and the main power lines across the river; and the railway station, through the underground tunnel. In fact, the power line is composed of overhead conductors and power cables, overhead wire focuses on generating power transmission, variable, the distribution of power cable, and focus on the use of electricity distribution, end, therefore, production of low voltage power cable accounted for more than 98%. With the rapid economic development in China, the proportion of power cable in power system is increasing. As the city center area, in the low voltage overhead lines will be gradually changed to the cable line hidden, suburban and urban center will use the overhead insulated cable.

(two) power cable shall have the following characteristics

1, the working voltage can withstand the high and very long, has very excellent electrical insulation properties, so the power cable by using voltage level can be divided into: low voltage (1000 kV and below), medium (6 -- 35000 volts), high voltage (66 -- 330000 volts), ultra high voltage (500000 kV and above).

2, can transfer large current (hundreds even thousands of security, security) therefore adopted the conducting wire cross-sectional area for hundreds or thousands of square millimeter of core. At the same time requirements for insulation and other material has excellent heat aging properties, and the whole structure can keep the heat balance. 3, in order to make the cable can adapt to all kinds of installation way and use of the environment (groundwater, water, sewer pipe, tunnel, shaft), the protective layer structure must adopt many kinds of combination. In fact, high voltage power cable insulation technology, relying on high current transmission technology and structural balance, protective layer structure are represented the academic level of these aspects of electrical engineering.

(three) process equipment manufacturing power cable

Main wire machine, insulating coating equipment, a cable machine (3 -- 5 insulated wire core stranding), inner, outer sheath extrusion machine and armored (steel, steel wire armored) equipment. Among them, the insulation structure of different with different equipment, and technical requirements.

(four) power cables are used in electric power system, so the general no longer small class, but according to the different insulating materials or structures as separate series classification.

Power cable products series:
1, PVC insulated power cable with PVC plastics are cheap, good physical and mechanical properties, the extrusion process is simple, but the insulation performance. So a lot is used in the manufacture of low voltage power cable and below 1000 V, for low voltage distribution system, the annual output of about one hundred thousand km. Such as the use of insulating material and the voltage stabilizer, allowing the cable to produce 6000 volt level.
2, XLPE insulated power cable with polyethylene plastic best electrical insulating properties, and after crosslinking of polymers into thermosetting material, so its good electrical properties, mechanical properties and heat resistance. In the past twenty years, our country has become the leading varieties, high voltage power cables, applicable to all voltage levels of 6 -- 330000 volt. In recent years, crosslinking 1000 Volts low-voltage cable has become a technical direction, the key is to reduce the thickness of insulation and can make the PVC cable competition in price.
3, the viscous oil impregnated insulation power cable in 1992 is the leading products of medium voltage cables in china. This is the classic structure of power cable, has more than 100 years of history, electrical, thermal performance margin is big, long service life (1923 laying cable for domestic imports still). But because the production process, long cycle, less material sources, has been replaced by XLPE cable.
4, oil filled cable is another structure of the oil paper cable, a thin insulating paper around the package, with low viscosity oil under pressure to fill the gap. Suitable for 66 -- 500000 volts. From the last century sixty's is the only product of our country high voltage cables, but in recent years has been replaced by XLPE insulated high-voltage cables.
5, rubber insulated power cable is a kind of soft, power cable used in mobile, mainly for the enterprise often need to change the laying position of the occasion. The use of natural rubber insulation, voltage is one thousand volts, can produce 6000 volt.
6, overhead insulated cables is essentially a kind of insulated overhead conductor, because there are mounted on a pole, the insulation design margin can be smaller than the power cable. Insulation PVC or cross-linked polyethylene. Usually made of single core, but also can be 3 -- 4 phase insulated core twisted into a bundle, without sheath, called bundling aerial cable.

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