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The difference of several kinds of cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-14

The cable is necessary for power delivery, is the bearer of the energy industry eléctrica.el cable can be divided into different types and different internal materials, cable application in different environment is different, the selection of the cable must be prudent, the wrong choice is likely to cause unnecessary losses. To distinguish the following several cables

RVV and KVV, rvvp and Kvvp of reference standard (JB 8734.5-1998)
The difference between RVV and rvvp: within the thin strands of wire of cable of wire of copper, RV
KVV and Kvvp within the line to the line is a single chain copper composition, composition of BVAs an extension of KVV and Kvvp is kyjv and kyjvp, insulation material and is used in kyjvp kyjv silane cross-linked insulation material

Avvr and rvvp
The difference: the name of things, to inner section of less than 0.75 mm avvr
More the name is equal to 0.75 square millimeter of rvvp

Sywv SyV and the reference standard (YD / t1174 t1175 YD / 2001 - 2001)
The difference is: Syv video transmission line, with the polyethylene insulation
Sywv is the RF transmission line, fí foam insulation cable

RVs and RVV) 2 core
The difference: RVS RV dual core wire twisted together, without outer cover, for the radio connection
RVV repeater cable core wire 2, an outer sheath for power control signal

YZ, yzw and YC, YCW and the reference standard (JB 8735 - 1998)
The difference: yzw YZ, is a medium-sized cabtyre cable, used for various portable electric equipment and tools. The rated voltage 300 / 500V
YC, JOC is the heavy cabtyre cable, used for various electric equipment, able to bear external mechanical forces higher tama ñ o.La rated voltage 450 / 750V and driver. The premise of equal cross section
Then, YC, YCW yzw YZ, the sheath thickness

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