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Low smoke halogen-free cable uses and characteristics

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-14

Low smoke halogen-free cable that does not contain halogen (F, Cl, Br, I, At), do not emit toxic fumes made of rubber does not contain lead, cadmium and chromium mercury and other environmental substances (such as: the combustion of hydrogen halide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other environmental protection type cable).

The halogen pointer: all halogen ≤ 50PPM (according to the regulations of PREN 14582)

The <100PPM content of the produced hydrogen halide gas after combustion (according to the regulations of the EN5067-2-1)

Generated after the combustion of hydrogen halide gas dissolved in water pH ≥ 4.3 (weak acid) (according to the regulations of the EN-50267-2-2)

The products of combustion in a closed container through a beam of light and the light transmittance of ≥ 60% (according to the regulations of EN-50268-2)

The Pb<90PPM, Cd, Cr6+, Hg, PBBs, PBDEs were less than 5PPM

Flame retardant
performance of this product is superior, burning smoke less, no corrosive gas, widely used in nuclear power station, subway station, telephone and computer control center, high rise buildings, hotels, radio and television, an important military facilities, oil platforms, and concentratedly, workplace air low density.
Low smoke zero halogen wire characteristics:

Low smoke halogen-free cable (1) tensile strength wire than the general PVC: General PVC wire tensile strength is more than 1.05Kgf/mm2, while the low smoke zero halogen wire tensile strength is more than 1.2Kgf/mm2;
(2) has a good weather resistance (-30 ℃ ~105 ℃);
(3) have good softness (hardness is 80 - 90);
(4) with non metastatic (because this product formulations without the addition of plasticizers, so there won't be a transitional);
(5) combustion does not produce toxic black smoke (will produce a small amount of white smoke);
(6) the volume resistivity has higher: PVC wire is 1012~1015 Ω /cm3, low smoke zero halogen wire and greater than 1016 /cm3
(7) has the advantages of high pressure resistance characteristics of good: PVC general resistance wire above 10KV, and low smoke zero halogen wire above 15KV;
(8) has good elasticity and viscosity.

3 low smoke zero halogen wire formula of added material:
(1) using linear elastic PE and PE as the main resin, metal oxide flame retardant material selection of three kinds of containing water of crystallization: the loss of crystal water in the above 200 ℃, 300 ℃, 300 ℃.

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