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The cable industry to predict the future core competitive technology for 5 years

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-17

In recent years, due to "foreign troops" (investment), special cable demand, high cost and low profit margins, forcing local some big cable production enterprises to increase technology investment and development, and has all kinds of advanced technology to blossom over potential. The market demand and the test of practice, the next 5 years, 6 cable technology -- high temperature superconducting technology, carbon fiber cable, the environmental protection material, aluminum generation copper technology, rare earth aluminum processing technology and "small craft" -- will help cable production enterprise to win the initiative. Although China cable downstream market is still in the high-end cables need to be imported, but can be expected that, with the development of the 6 technology, soon be able to solve this problem. This will create a global hegemon or cable Chinese unearthed.

High temperature superconducting technology has relatively low prices, large capacity, low loss, no electromagnetic pollution, much attention in the world, many countries has been the development of the superconductor industry rise to the strategic height. China has achieved a major breakthrough in high temperature superconducting technology. In 2013 August, in the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) on-site inspection plans headquarters officials made under the operation of the ITER device, the maximum length of the superconducting cable -- 765 meters (standard) CB superconducting cable conductor in the long line of Baiyin Nonferrous Metals company.

At the same time, based on high temperature cable, the relevant national planning also set up a "major projects of the high temperature superconducting" support. At present, China's annual imports from abroad, high temperature cable about 2000000000 yuan for domestic construction, is expected to 2020 global superconducting application market will reach $244000000000 (about 1486900000000 yuan), high temperature superconducting cable accounted for about 5% of the share.

Therefore, the development and application of high temperature superconducting technology will be an important technique in the wire and cable industry.
Carbon fiber cable in recent years is also famous, carbon fiber cable as traditional ACSR (bare conductor) alternative products, mainly used in 110kV-220kV line. Compared with conventional steel core aluminum wires (ACSR), aluminum sectional area of ACCC increased by 29%, and the unit length of light weight 20%, so in the circumstances allow sag is constant, using ACCC can greatly enhance the transmission capacity of lines, reduce loss. Power Grid Corp through will replace the large number of common lead wire ACCC, can not add lines and the power expansion, greatly saving land, tower, engineering cost, in line with the policy direction of energy-saving efficiency.

Therefore, the carbon fiber composite wire will be revolutionary existing wire product substitution. Thus provides new opportunities for the development of those with strong competitive advantage in the field of enterprise carbon fiber composite wire.

Development of environmentally friendly materials to meet the needs of the market also respond to the call of the country. At present, wire and cable production using a large amount of rubber, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene polymer chemical material. Produce large amounts of toxic and harmful gas in the production process. Therefore, to actively develop environment-friendly materials, the production of environmental protection type of wire and cable.

Japan Fujikura cable companies in the development of the environmental protection type of wire and cable, in order to monopolize the market, actively promote the government issued the environmental protection type of wire and cable products standards. In recent years, environmental protection type of wire and cable sales share is expanding rapidly, ordinary wire and cable and cable fire simply cannot compete. In addition, generated in the production process of wire and cable in the leftover materials, can be directly recycled reuse.

Al generation copper technology in recent years, high voice, hot. Because the copper compared with aluminum has a conductivity, good thermal conductivity, and can reduce electric energy loss in the transport current, so has been the production of wire and cable enterprises come come. According to statistics, China's wire and cable industry for more than 60% are the use of copper cable manufacturing. But because of shortage of copper resources compared to, and the present domestic proven copper resources are deep and even excessive development, coupled with the high price of copper, so copper to aluminum or aluminum and copper to voice always said of a great teacher.

Aluminum alloy cable conductive properties and copper core cable be roughly the same, its flexibility is better compared with copper core cable, change the shortcoming of pure aluminum cable poor mechanical strength, anti fatigue ability is low, the joint is vulnerable to accidents, to protect the cable in the long time overload and under heat cable continued stability of connection, also make up the traditional copper cable has memory effect and high rebound performance and other defects, reduce the line loss.

In addition, both from the raw material production, processing, manufacturing and transportation, installation, operation, recovery, aluminium alloy cables have unparalleled economic and environmental advantages over traditional copper core cable, up to now is the best alternative to copper wire cable.

Al re optimization development prospect of treatment technology is very good, now is a popular technology in the cable industry. As everyone knows, by continuous casting and rolling process for producing electrical aluminum rod is quite popular in China, performance is also good. But due to the equipment is still in the early 70's level, there is not much technical innovation. Therefore, we must actively promote the optimization of processing technology of aluminum rare earth of China, and the introduction of some of the key equipment and technology of adding aluminum zirconium alloy, the aluminum melting stove into molten aluminum fuel oil or natural gas furnace, the total elimination of molten aluminum coal burning coal dust and gas emission, and set the flue gas filtration and purification of flue gas device, improve the quality of emissions, improve the rate of finished products, and reduce the cost, at the same time the conductor temperature increased from 70 ℃ to 150 ℃, carrying capacity is increased by 1.6 times.

"Small craft" as a comprehensive industry process, due to meet the needs of the market and user needs, so a lot of cable companies have increased investment in research and development. "Small craft" mainly for convenient installation, use and transportation convenience, at the same time as much as possible to reduce the cost of raw materials. If the analysis of the characteristics of the wire and cable products, we can easily find the cable products in continuing to cover more thin, section is smaller, while ensuring the load flow development.

The simple summary is the core competitiveness, the future of domestic wire and cable production enterprise is technical and technological aspects of competition, only to increase technology research and development, based on the conservation of raw materials, the development of advanced technology, new environmental protection materials, can help enterprises bigger and stronger, but also to change the current high cost, low profit situation.

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