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The difference between high voltage line electric line and low line

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-20

Usually, high pressure line, is 3 to 10000 volt line; low line, refers to 220/380 kv. The electrician personnel clearly distinguish the high, low-voltage circuit, the electrical operation can prevent electric shock accidents. There are several discrimination method:

(1) high, low-voltage lines separately when erecting, between the high-pressure line pole distance is very low, the pole is higher.

(2) high, low-voltage lines on the same tower, high voltage line in low voltage circuit, the low pressure; the cross arm length of high-voltage transmission line, line distance between the lower pressure big.

(3) to observe the porcelain insulator. High voltage line porcelain for pin type insulators (usually brown) or porcelain insulator crossarm (usually white), large volume, low line porcelain is also generally a needle type insulator, but is white, and the small size.

(4) the wire to watch. High voltage overhead lines generally seldom have a branch line, the branch line is led to high voltage side of transformer or to oil equipment; low voltage overhead line in general by the low voltage side of transformer leads, branch or to the user; high voltage line only three wires, low line generally have four (three phase with a zero line) or two (FireWire and null line) line.

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