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How to identify the copper clad aluminum, copper clad aluminum magnesium wire, copper coated wire

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-21

Wire cable dragons and fishes jumbled together at present on the market (especially in the security line), copper clad aluminum wire and copper clad aluminum magnesium wire is a new material of a newly developed in recent years, illegal businesses in order to create greater profits, from manufacturers for copper clad aluminum, copper clad aluminum magnesium, copper clad steel wire to sell, the pursuit of profits when anaerobic copper wires, almost to the point where now make one's hair stand on end, such as oxygen free copper price is 66000 yuan a ton, and copper clad aluminum price as long as 35000 yuan a ton. (Note: oxygen free copper with specific gravity of 8.9, and the proportion of the difference between the 2.7 aluminum). I hope this article can bring you to your in the differential diagnosis of copper wire and copper clad aluminum, a little help.

Copper clad aluminum is outside the aluminium wire or aluminum magnesium wire wrapped in a layer of copper or plating a layer of copper.
Advantages: conductive performance is good, light weight, the proportion of small, cheap price, raw material processing and convenient production, based on copper production, is a good material to replace copper conductor;

Disadvantages: production two easy to broken, brittle, tin tin out; low strength, bare easy oxidation at room temperature, water, copper clad aluminum wire blackening, oxidation rate.
Copper clad aluminum wire and copper clad aluminum magnesium wire used for: the core wire conductor winding, braided shielding, shielding. Copper clad aluminum, copper clad aluminum magnesium, copper clad steel from the exterior looks like it is copper, easy to put the two mixed very not professional circumstances.
Below we introduce the following three kinds of recognition methods:

One, see section
Because the thick wires using copper clad aluminum case, it is easy to see. So the general copper clad aluminum is soft, there are many small filament multi strands. But as long as the cut section, see the white (aluminum color) can identify what material.

Two, the fire method
With a lighter to burn only, look after the combustion phenomena and results of combustion, copper clad aluminum and copper clad aluminum magnesium wire, when the flame contact wire, the conductor will be straight down, not easy to burn, after burning, conductor color to gray or black; because the aluminum melting point than the melting point of copper is low.
The difference: copper clad aluminum combustion after the conductor with fingers twist will break, more brittle, will be broken into multiple sections. If anaerobic bare copper wire burning after the formation of spherical beads for copper wire, copper wire thickness is not a burning after the results are not the same, filaments, thick wire is melting.

Three: tool scratch
Tinned copper wire scratch after the show yellow, but for copper. Anaerobic bare copper wire scratch is primary color is copper. The copper clad aluminum wire and copper clad aluminum magnalium is snow white.
Or the wire is arranged in the cement ground friction can also achieve the same effect.

Copper clad steel wire can also have this or magnet recognition.
After the above three methods with the use of, believe that identified the wire will not difficult to sell, buy cheap cable is also very simple.
Finally is the copper clad copper, where the copper clad copper, brass is copper.

Oxygen free copper: no oxygen does not contain any deoxidizer residues of pure copper. But in fact it is to contain very trace oxygen and some impurities. According to the standard, the oxygen content is not more than 0.03%, the content of impurities is less than 0.05%, the purity of copper is greater than 99.95%. The purity of copper 99.995% generally used in audio equipment, vacuum electronic device, cable and other electrical and electronic applications., oxygen free copper no hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon, high conductivity, machining and welding performance, corrosion resistance and low temperature performance is good; but the proportion is large, high price.

Brass: alloy composed of copper and zinc.
Copper containing from 62% to 68%, the proportion between 8.2-8.4, if only composed of copper, zinc, brass called ordinary brass. A variety of alloy two more elements are called special brass tube; seamless drawn into, soft, strong wear resistance. Suitable for the manufacture of sheet, strip, bar, pipe, cast parts, strong plasticity, manufacturing pressure equipment; but too brittle, low tensile strength, light weight, low price.
Identification of copper is copper clad copper, third methods are the most efficient, epidermal OFHC copper and brass with a blade scratch inside, the naked eye can distinguish.
A simple method is the difference between the materials above, we hope to be able to help you.

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