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Cooling process on the quality of the surface of the cable insulation

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-01-21

  Crosslinked polyethylene from the cooling process after extrusion problems may lead to insulation wire core surface quality factor:

  (1) cables attached to the surface bubbles, after the cable into the water, its surface if there are air bubbles, the position after cooling have a "little pit package", this is because the bubble will be coated on surface of insulation, air bubble cover part of the cooling rate than the part in contact with the water slowly. Form bubbles on the surface of the attached cable reason is for the use of cooling circulating water into water tank in fast speed, water flow, high speed water bring air into the water, part attached to the cable surface, air bubble;

  (2) before entering the cooling water drops splashed down in the cable surface, part of the first contact with water cooling contraction, and exposed to air part is still in the state of high temperature, insulation wire core formed by the cooling rate difference surface uneven phenomenon.

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