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Power cable embedding construction of other processes

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-01-21

1. The buried insulating layer

Power cable, embedding and heat pipe cross parallel if can't meet the minimum allowed distance, should be in the near or around 1 m range for heat treatment. Thermal insulation materials commonly used 250 mm thick foam concrete, asbestos cement, 150 mm thick cork or glass plate. The material must have insulation and anti-corrosion performance. According to the rules of the buried thermal insulation material in addition to the width of thermal channel, each side should be 2 m. Power cable conduit should be through the insulation below the groove after, at any time can not power cable in the thermal channel parallel above and below. Through the thermal channel part of the power cable besides using insulating layer, also should wear asbestos cement pipe protection.
If power cable laying can't meet the provisions, the corresponding technical measures should be adopted, specific demanded to see the relevant regulation.

2. Cover earth fill ditch

After all power cable exhibition on the pulley, can remove pulley on piecewise lift power cable groove, and check the power cable with and without damage. Next above qu with 100 mm thick soft soil or sand cover power cable, and the power cable outer sheath voltage is 10 kv, 1 min to the time of the dc withstand voltage test, to test the coat in the process of power cable traction is hurt. After inspection, again on soft soil or sand covered a layer of about 50 mm thick reinforced concrete board or has a marked sign identification plate, prevent repair injured when mining power cables. Finally can use on the protection board of mixed backfill soil to the ground.
Directly buried power cable before backfill soil, should by the concealed engineering acceptance. Backfill soil should be without sundry, and each backfill 0. 2 ~ 0.3 m the real time, to prevent dirt settlement, the last layer should be 0.1 ~ 0.2 m above the ground level.

3. Bury power cable marking piles and map is completed

(1) power cable pile. In less populated areas, buildings should be along the power cable line path every 100 ~ 200 m and the line turning on embedding with cement production of "power cable" pile. Marks at the bottom of the pile should be poured in cement foundation, so as to avoid tilt or instead in the future.
Power cable trench backfill is finished, can at the prescribed places buried power cables labeled pile. Sign should be marked on the power cable line design code, power cable type, specification and starting point,Parallel with the power cable should have serial number. The requirements are clear and not easy to fall off.

(2) map completion of power cable. Power cable record drawings shall be drawn on the basis of the original design drawings, whoever didn't agree with the original design of the part, shall be according to the actual situation on the laying work be corrected in the figure, with convenient operation maintenance in the future. Power cable project is completed, should complete accurate power cable spindle figure. Contents include design and change after the actual power cable, power cable and the relative position between the various reference along the way, all the main location of the power cable arrangement profile, etc. For power cable "junjun figure drawing specific requirements: 1.rate : general is 1:500, according to the actual needs, set underground pipeline lodge in option 1:100, fewer pipeline segment option 1:1000. 2.mark symbol (such as a common road building a simple graphical symbols). 3.record bar: convenient for operation and maintenance, can set a record bar at the bottom of the completion figure, for future maintenance records and drawings modified.

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