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Power cable corrosion prevention

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-01-21

  From the structure of the power cable, power cable of the conductive layer is a good electrical conductor, external insulation well. If there are any stray current into the power cable, and along the outer conductive layer flow to the rectifier station, power cable electric corrosion is likely to occur.

  In cathode zone due to the cathode, lead sheathed power cable corrosion resulting from most oxide red, yellow or orange, and adhere to the lead sheath. If the soil does not contain alkaline liquid, power cable outer conductive layer corrosion will not occur, but in the anode zone will be corrosion. Produced by the anode effect of corrosion compounds such as lead, lead, lead sulfate, chloride, along with the outflow of stray current leave lead sheath, but difficult to see traces of corrosion, and only in the surface of the lead sheath with spongiform pores. Only in extreme cases of Browning of accessory corrosion to stick on the metal sheath, stick the attached objects are generally lead oxide, shows that the stray current corrosion phenomenon of anode area.

  Corrosion prevention methods, such as strengthening the power cable is outside layer and insulation between the stray current, it can basically eliminate stray current of power cable metal sheath and other conductive layer; Installed to prevent electric corrosion of equipment. At present, they are widely used in way to prevent corrosion of sacrificial anode protection method, external method, drainage or strong drainage method, polarity drainage method, set up the cathode station, etc.

  Drainage method is simple, cost savings, but only a railway rectifier station applies only to use within the district.

  Forced drainage way and the principle of the same way with an external power. It is the use of rail as anode to reduce metal sheath potential. Because after the rectifier dc pulse ingredients, misoperation in the railway signal, so the use is limited by certain.

  Choose drainage way, it is in the power cable with respect to the indirect people to a single rail to the rectifier, applicable to all different railway running state, can effectively prevent stray current corrosion on the metal sheath.

  A lot of methods measuring current density. Here is a kind of auxiliary electrode method used more widely. The auxiliary electrode method measuring stray current is shown in figure 7-7. When measuring the auxiliary electrode using similar to the measured power cable of a surface by the clean without armoured power cable, its length should make electrode and the contact area of the earth more than 500 CMZ. Measuring wire welding on the armoring layer, and spilled the solder joints with green insulation. The current density measured in this way.

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