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Wire and cable Knowledge RFQ one

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-07

1, common wire, cable to use what kind?
Answer: according to use can be divided into bare wire, insulated wire, heat-resistant wire, shielding wire, power cable, control cable, communication cable, RF cable etc..

2, insulated wires are there?
Answer: insulated wires often are the following: PVC insulated wires, PVC insulated flexible wire, PVC nitrile mixture of insulated cords, rubber insulated wire, buried underground agricultural plastic insulated aluminum wire, rubber insulation cotton textile cord, PVC insulated nylon sheathed wires, PVC insulated power and lighting cord etc..

3, cable tray is suitable for what occasion?
Answer: cable tray applies to general industrial and mining enterprises inside and outside of overhead power cable, control cable, can be used for telecommunications, radio and television sector in the indoor and outdoor set up.

4,What are the cable accessories?
Answer: electrical accessories used terminal terminal box, cable box, a connection pipe and a connecting terminal, steel cable trough, cable bridge cable.

5, what is called the cable joints?
Answer: conductor, cable and cable insulation shielding layer and a protective layer, so that the cable line connected device, called the cable joints.

6, what is the main electrical wiring?
Answer: the main electrical wiring is connected to the main electrical equipment and busbar substation, power plant, including the connection bus and electric system according to certain functional requirements.

7,In Section  selection of power cable, shall comply with the provisions?
Answer: power cable should be chosen in accordance with the following principles:
(1) rated voltage of cable should be greater than or equal to the rated voltage of the power supply system installed;
(2) cable continuing allowable current should be equal to or greater than the maximum continuous current load;
(3) core cross section to meet the stability of power system short-circuit requirements;
(4) according to the length of the cable voltage drop is in accordance with the requirements of checking;
(5) the minimum short-circuit current at the end of the line should be able to make reliable protection device action.

8, cross-linked polyethylene cable and oil paper cable is what are the advantages?
Answer: (1) easy to install, because it allows the minimum bending radius is small, and the weight is light;
(2) is not affected by the line gap restrictions;
(3) good thermal performance, allowing high working temperature, large transmission capacity;
(4) simple cable accessories, are dry structure;
(5) the operation and maintenance are simple, no oil leakage problems;
(6) the price is low;
(7) high reliability, low failure rate;
(8) less manufacturing procedure, simple process, significant economic benefits.

9,Clamp a fixed AC single core cable and what are the requirements? Why?
Answer: the fixture should be no iron to form a closed magnetic circuit, this is because when the cable core through the current, magnetic lines of force in the surrounding magnetic field and the current size, wire core is proportional to, if the use of iron magnetic material, according to the electromagnetic induction that will produce eddy flow, the cable heating in iron, and even burn the cable. So we can not use iron fixture for single core communication cable.

10,What is the biggest characteristics and advantages of below the heat shrinkable cable head attachment?
Answer: the biggest characteristic of heat shrinkable accessories is stress pipe stress cone instead of the traditional, it not only simplifies the construction process, but also reduces the dimensions of the terminal, connector installation is convenient, time-saving and labor-saving, superior performance, save metal. Heat shrinkable cable accessories set perfusion and dry package as a whole, collection of the advantages of these two attachments.

11,What checks should be carried out in before laying cables?
Answer: (1) support should be complete, paint intact.
(2) cable type, voltage, specifications meet the design.
(3) cable insulation is good, when the oil paper cable sealing of doubt, should be damp judgment; underground cables and small bottom cable shall be approved by the DC withstand voltage test difficult to pass; oil filled cable oil sample should pass the test.
(4) the oil pressure should not be less than 1.47MPa oil filled cable.

12, the paper insulated power cable sealing of doubt, how to use the simple way to check the cable insulating paper whether damp?
Answer: put the paper into the light or check the cable oil to 150 ℃ in insulated cables, no "hissing" sound or white bubble, not damp.

13, cable signs should specify what content? Write what?
Answer: the sign should be marked on the design of cable line numbering, cable type, specification and the starting point, parallel use of cable should be sequence number. Requires clear handwriting, not easy to fall off.

14, the buried cable compass marks should be set in what position?
Answer: at both ends of the cable, the cable line segment 50~100m cable joint cable to change the direction of the corner.

15, the production of the cable joints with yellow wax ribbon, belt, black glass paint alkali free glass ribbon, before construction to the tide?
Answer: (1) and constant temperature drying method: insulation diameter coiled belt is 25~30mm small volume, into the 110~120 constant temperature drying box drying 4~5h, cooling dry out, put on dry sealed cylinder.
(2) oil moisture exhaust method: the insulation with small volume in the constant temperature in cable oil 120~130 ℃, keep 30mm distance from the bottom of the pot, after a certain time after the oil is no longer a bubble out, into the cable oil storage barrel, oil should be more than all the loaded object and its seal.

16, crosslinking heat shrinkable cable accessories what advantages?
Answer: This is a kind of new material, and other types of accessories now has excellent electrical performance, small volume and quality, convenient installation, supporting materials and other advantages, also has a weather resistant, anti pollution, flame retarding ability.

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