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Wire and cable the general knowledge question and answer two

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-07

1,What is the role of protecting layer the outer cable?
Answer: to protect the inner protective layer against mechanical damage and chemical corrosion, enhance mechanical strength.

2, outdoor cable trench should be consistent with what requirements?
Answer: cable channel upside should be slightly higher than the ground, the cover plate is made of concrete, the cable shall be flat and deposited in the bracket, have good drainage tube.

3,What is the role of  cable sheath?
Answer; the insulating layer is not with water, air or other object contact, prevent moisture insulation and insulation layer is not hurt by the machine.

4, the use of pliers should pay attention to what?
Answer: before use, be sure to check whether the insulation intact insulated handle, metal wire is not available pliers shear than allowed by the specification, and prohibit the use of pliers instead of a hammer percussion instruments, so as to avoid damage.

5, what is the insulation strength?
Answer: insulation material in the electric field, when the electric field intensity increases to a certain limit will be breakdown electric field intensity, the lead insulation breakdown called insulation strength.

6, the mechanical strength of the cable conductor connection points are required?
Answer: the mechanical strength of the connection point, generally less than the tensile strength of the cable conductor itself, for power cable laying, the connection point of the tensile strength shall not be lower than 60% of the tensile strength of conductor itself.

7,nsulation material which should have the main properties of  power cable?
You must have the following properties:
(1) high breakdown strength;
(2) low dielectric losses;
(3) insulation resistance is quite high;
(4) excellent discharge performance;
(5) has a certain degree of flexibility and mechanical strength;
(6) the insulation performance of long-term stability.

8, mechanical laying cable, pull what strength?
Answer: the copper core cable, when the traction head, allowing the traction strength is 70N/cm; for the aluminum core cable, when the traction head, allowing the traction strength is 40N/cm; if the use of steel wire net traction, lead sheathed cable allows the strength of 10N/cm;
Lead sheathed cables for 40N/cm.

9, the cable protection pipe requirement?
Answer: (1) cables need to wear protective pipe laying, pipe inside diameter should not less than 1.5 times of the cable diameter, concrete pipe, clay pipe, asbestos, cement pipe diameter should be not less than 100mm;
(2) bending radius of cable pipe should accord with the regulations in the penetration of cable bending radius;
(3) each pipe shall not exceed a maximum of three bend, bend should not be more than 2.

10, how to measure the outer diameter of cable sheath?
Answer: five points on the circumference of the uniform distribution in the sheath, measuring the diameter of jacket and its average value, the average diameter is the diameter of the sheath.

11,per core cable different sections connected?
Answer: the copper core cable with different section connection, can use open weak back copper connecting pipe, connected to the soldering method, can be used according to different requirements of pure copper bar section connected into a copper pipe, connected to the crimping method.

12, the process of 10KV XLPE cable heat shrinkable making indoor termination?
A; (1) preparation stage: check the heat shrinkable cable accessories are complete, whether the model match, check and confirm the cable has no moisture, check cable.
(2) to remove excess cable, decided on site cable length.
(3) stripping protective layer.
(4) welding grounding, the grounding wire welded on the steel strip.
(5) filling of Trident and wrapped sealant.
(6) installed three core branch sleeve, sleeve is sheathed in the root, start from the middle of contraction, to the root, then go to part.
(7) stripping copper belt and outer semi conductive layer, a peeling tape three core branch sleeve opening more than 20mm, no damage of main insulation, clean semi conductive layer.
(8) installation stress pipe, pipe end part of a set of docking shrink.
(9) installed terminals.
(10) installed insulating tube.
(11) mounted sealed tube.
(12) the nuclear phase after the installation phase color tube.

13,What are the Touchi, outdoor prefab terminal installation steps?
Answer: (1) the cable surface according to a predetermined position, fixed, clean, refer to manual stripping except sheath, in case of a special need, the outer sheath stripping and cutting length can be adjusted, respectively by the copper strip, outer sheath leads to the 2 groups of wire.
(2) composed of an outer sheath mouth to take the amount needed to remove the extra dimensions, cable, cover the heat shrinkable three fingers to Trident root by intermediate heat shrinkage, the finger is to take the amount of specified size (35kV 350~380mm). Remove excess copper (retention of 20mm), to retain the semiconductor predetermined position, crimp terminals seal.

14,Application of  wire and cable are mainly divided into three categories:
1, the power system
Wire and cable products used in power system are mainly bare overhead wires, bus (bus), the power cable (plastic cable, oil paper power cable (basically replace the plastic power cables), rubber set of cable, aerial insulated cables), branch cable (instead of part of the bus), electrical equipment, wire and cable, magnet wire and electrical equipment.
2, information transmission system
Wire and cable used for information transmission system mainly telephone cable, TV cable, electronic cable, RF cable, fiber optic cable, data cable, magnet wire, power cables and other communications or other compound.
3, mechanical equipment, instrument and meter system
In addition to this part of the overhead bare wires and almost all other products are applied, but mainly the power cable, electromagnetic wire, data cable, instrumentation cables.

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