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A new method of wire cable open circuit and short circuit fault detection

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-25

Wire and cable manufacturing enterprises will encounter the wire circuit or short circuit phenomenon, this situation to the enterprise quality testing department is very headache. Some enterprises have fault detection instrument for wire and cable, and some do not want to use existing equipment to find the fault point calculation method requires simple and applicable calculation method presented here, the wire and cable fault, although before the cable news seen here also we find the breakpoint and short-circuit method.

Breaker: L = UX*S / P capacitance method, (L line distance, S cable length; UX measuring end line capacitance). The measurement results of this method and the actual disconnection point gap between the very large, a waste of manpower and material resources.

A short break: resistance calculation of this method is L=A*S/ (A+B), (L line distance, S cable length; A, B measurement is short line resistance) this method is now a cable enterprise the most effective but also exist the problems of measuring the resistance.

After continuous on accident analysis and summary, we found that the wire circuit has a law is the local telephone line, pair or group of wires with apparent. The circuit breaker capacitor is we measured than normal single capacitor should be large, but there is not much change in capacitance normal line are very close to the circuit breaker capacitor, which is also the inevitable, no matter we measured is the A or the B measurement is and or normal line, so that there is not only the a still and other lines of coupling capacitor.

Here introduces the formula 1 circuit breaker:
L=SQRT (UA* (U-UB) (SQRT) / (UA* (U-UB)) +SQRT (UA* (U-UB)))
Formula 2 circuit breaker:
L= ((UA+ (U-UB)) / (2*U)) *S

The two type: L -- A cable end to the breakpoint length, m S -- m U A -- the cable length, the breaking capacity is A end, P F U B -- B P F U end breaking capacity -- normal line capacitance, P F

The two mode of the first method to calculate the error limits should be much smaller than the second method, but the need to measure the long-term process. The first method is commonly used methods. Here to explain is the measurement error is inevitable.

In addition to a formula, can also find use of existing equipment, the equipment required: the frequency of fire detection machine, universal digital multimeter. Using this method to find the breakpoint condition, if the line with shielding best employment type calculation, if not with shield that using frequency fire detector using inductance for breakpoint error is almost zero.

Methods: using the formula to calculate the approximate location, then measure the cable outer sheath thickness, if the outer sheath thickness of 0.8mm and frequency of fire detection voltage up to 5kV (here, master the principles of fire detection voltage rise much, want to see a multimeter inductive strength can not be too large to prevent burning table) wire at both ends of the line core insulation and sheath peeling. The fire detector to power as the center is connected with the digital multimeter red pen then break, the black pen with other cable. The other end all core wire twisted together with a grounding, inductance measurement at both ends of the number. If the A terminal voltage is 100, B is 60. Then the B end point not far detector, breakpoint using this method we can find very accurate, as long as the breakpoint after fire detector digital multimeter display number is infinite. Then the breakpoint in the inlet. This way is feasible through practice. If the error that is frequency in operation into the line of fire detector location did not measure accurately.

Measurement of short circuit method:

Precise resistor using laboratory bridge measurement circuit two line, so as to shorten the distance error. Calculation of cable length using the above formula, the error will be reduced a lot.

In short the wire and cable fault detection need long-term summarized in practice, and explore suitable for their own way. This not only saves a lot of manpower and material resources. Also can improve production efficiency.

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