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Application of new chemical materials in PVC cable material

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-22

PVC cable as the cable material of the traditional, in the current domestic market also occupies the most important market share. Because of its processing relative to other cable material is simple, but the amount is relatively large, so as long as the cable factory, the relatively large size of the own production of PVC cable material. The following will discuss the PVC cable material production experience.

One, resin selection and its common problems

Considered from the technology point of view, the properties of PVC resin is better than that of PVC resin by suspension method ontology method. Less impurity in the resin, monomer content of less than 1mg/kg, concentration of particle size distribution. Configuration rules, high porosity and uniform. The adsorption amount of plasticizer, speed, increasing resin mixture plastic later and dry powder, easy to store and transport. Join the little plasticizer can also achieve the plasticity required. Product transparency, thermal stability and electrical insulation. But due to its high price, it is difficult for the cable factory acceptance, manufacture of PVC cable materials widely is the universal SG3 type PVC resin by suspension method. Because of high mechanical properties, electrical insulation properties, water absorption, permeability and resistance to corrosion rate is low, the general chemical. But the choice of universal SG3 type suspension PVC resin as base material for PVC cable material, must be very aware of the index number of "fish eye", shall not be greater than 20 /400cm2, the cable cross section made cable material otherwise the system will appear the blowhole very dense.

Two, plasticizer and how to solve the "cable oil leakage" problem

Who can increase the plastic polymer, allowing easy processing substance known as plasticizer. In the polymer plasticizer for the purpose of modification, such as a small amount of plasticizer addition can significantly improve the plasticity and flow properties of polymer. Plasticization is divided into external plasticization and internal plasticization two kinds. The polymer molecular chain is introduced between the low molecular weight esters or polymeric esters (i.e. plasticizer), in order to achieve the rigid polymer molecules become soft, easy to molecular chain of activities, such as external plasticizer plasticizer.

But the plasticizer must have better compatibility with polymer, mixture has better stability. Good compatibility is the first condition of plasticizer should have, if compatibility is poor, then the product of plasticizer exudation to product surface (commonly known as sweat or oil leakage) and the occurrence of phase separation, effects of processing and product properties. So the poor compatibility of plasticizer can not be used as a primary plasticizer used, according to the characteristics of the secondary field cooperation as the auxiliary plasticizer. The main plasticizer dioctyl phthalate two formic acid and two DOP general formula is often used as the main plasticizer used alone or with other plasticizers DBP and DBP compatibility, solvation ability, processing is better than DOP, but poor durability, in most cases with DOP, and proportion of visual product decisions the derived formula, countless. Phthalic acid esters from sunflower two two DIDP low temperature resistance is good, can be 90 ℃ heat-resistant cable main plasticizer. The adjacent benzene two formic acid C8 ~ C10 straight chain alcohol mixed ester P810 main plasticizer, especially with the application of light fastness and low temperature properties of the products.

Auxiliary plasticizer dioctyl sebacic acid two DOS excellent low temperature resistance, low volatility, weather resistance, dielectric property is excellent, high temperature resistance, is easy to extract, transfer, due to poor compatibility, must with the main plasticizer and. Terephthalic acid octyl two DOTP performance is similar to DOP, dielectric property is better; but the poor compatibility to DOP, use epoxy soybean oil must be used when ESBO and DOP is a widely used PVC plasticizer and stabilizer, have a good heat, light stability, good durability, no mechanical properties, dielectric performance is good, good low temperature resistance. The electrical properties of chlorinated paraffin, flame resistance, dielectric and cheap. But in the PVC compatibility is poor, easy decomposition, low temperature resistance is poor, and epoxy, urethane and benzene two. By chemical methods, the introduction of other substituents in the molecule chain, more flexible molecules, the rigid molecules become pliable. This kind of modifier called internal plasticization. Such plasticizers also known as anti granule or polymeric plasticizer. Nitrile rubber, vinyl chloride - vinyl acetate copolymer is the typical representative of plasticizer.

 three,Application of new chemical materials in PVC cable material

Generally speaking, commonly used light calcium carbonate, clay filler addition amount and cable material tensile strength is inversely proportional to the PVC cable material, but due to the current PVC resin prices continued to rise. Such a large number of PVC cable material manufacturers from can increase relatively low filler to, how to optimize the formulation in order to reduce the cost consideration. Some new chemical additives are widely used in PVC cable materials, including new coupling PVC special agent is a typical representative of the. The coupling agent is a kind of material which has the structure of both sexes, their molecular in a part of the group and inorganic substances (such as powder filler, fiber reinforced material) response surface chemical groups, the formation of the chemical bond strength; while the other part groups are dear organic compounds (such as plastic, rubber) nature, with the organic molecular reaction or physical winding, thus the property of two kinds of different materials are firmly combined, the "bridge" role. The coupling agent with excellent performance can not only to increase the filling effect, but also has the effect of stabilizer.

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