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Aviation special cable meet the tremendous business opportunities

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-06-25

With China's aviation industry usher in a new round of the peak, aviation special cable or ushered in great business opportunities.

According to the Securities Daily reported, President Xi Jinping 17, met in Beijing with the Chinese Air Force twelfth representatives of Congress stressed the need to closely around the party army goal under the new situation, strengthen the construction of regular forces revolutionary modernization, accelerate the construction of a whole school of aerospace, defense and powerful people's air force. Analysis of the industry, with China's aviation industry usher in a new round of the peak, aviation special cable or ushered in great business opportunities.

At present, the aviation cable consists of four categories: aviation network installation line and power cable (about 80%), aircraft engine region of high temperature fire-resistant cable, data cable, special aviation aviation communication cable. In the defense industry enterprises of a certain type of missile equipment, high temperature resistant cable would need 200 kilometers with only a certain type of aerospace electronic warfare equipment; car, need special shielding cable up to 300 kilometers. The development of the space shuttle technology of our country needs a lot of high temperature resistant cable, will promote the aerospace high temperature resistant cable products demand continued to increase.

According to experts, division of China's aviation cable market to the civil market and the military market, the total output value of the civil aviation cable needs 20 years will be more than 11000000000 yuan, a conservative estimate of the annual growth rate of about 15%~20%. According to the development trend of special cable like a raging fire, domestic enterprises have set foot in the field, speed up product development, the scale of investment.

The domestic cable industry on the market "abandoned low from high" increasingly strong, aviation cable, special cable become the best choice to enhance product added value and market competitiveness of wire and cable business. Wire and cable companies to accelerate product development, to occupy the domestic high-end market, but also accelerate the exports of high-end products, to win a space for one person in the international market.

Yongding focus on the research and development of special optical cable, including high performance refractory fiber, towed cable, aerospace cable, PIMF cable, high-frequency data of UV irradiated XLPE cables for fixed wiring, green environmental protection type cable, cable and other special equipment to meet the requirements; broadband Chinese strategy, developed distribution cables for all kinds of FTTX application scenarios and the introduction of cable, including small tube is easy to branch line cable, cable, round into micro low friction into cable, other special introduction of cable and other products, to meet the needs of broadband access system; in order to meet the development needs of mobile 4G, 5G, for a series of optical fiber cable pulling technology and R & D; at the same time, further increase R & D light cable products to overseas market of investment. In the two generation superconducting R & D, the company completed the installation and debugging of superconducting strip production line, the whole process debugging breakthrough.

Notable is, the invention patent "the company a wholly owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Yongding Electric Co. Ltd. the ultra high temperature low noise cable" today, access to the State Intellectual Property Office authorized and issued the certificate of patent. According to the understanding of patent, the patent relates to a special cable, in particular to a low noise cable can work for a long time in the 1000 degrees Celsius under ultra high temperature environment. Can be widely used in national defense, nuclear power, wind power, solar power and other fields. It is one of the key national torch plan.

Sun Cable Co Ltd is a wire and cable products sentinel production enterprises and military, including high temperature wire, nylon sheath wires, lacquer line, high-voltage ignition wire, deepwater cable applied to military aircraft, tanks, missile, radar, submarines and other military products; the company is the only manufacturers of domestic production of large size nylon sheath wires and high voltage ignition the line is part of the military, wire and cable products standard setters.

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