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Cable industry how to crack the "abnormal" predicament?

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-05-13

2014 global cable annual meeting recently in China wire and cable of all - Jiangsu province Yixing city held. From the field around the world more than 500 experts, entrepreneurs, around the "opportunities and challenges, wire and cable industry transformation and upgrading, innovation and win-win" theme in-depth discussion, and show a number of new production technology and scientific research achievements.

China's wire and cable industry is from low-end to high-end. With the smart grid project has been started from the "test" and "demonstration" stage, provides new opportunities for development and wide application of high-end cable.

Experts believe that, in the face of our country is still the global "cable production big country", rather than "cable production power" reality, enterprises need to risks and challenges facing the sober, hard from "Chinese manufacturing" to "Chinese made" transition "Chinese creation", strengthen the complementary advantages, to achieve win-win cooperation.

The expert points out, China's wire and cable manufacturers have nearly ten thousand, and its supporting industries such as equipment, raw materials, semi-finished products, there are thousands of. But the whole cable enterprise concentration degree low, this and our country the world's first cable manufacturing status does not match, but also increase the Chinese wire and cable industry instability, namely, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises competitiveness and easy to collapse. How to integrate industry resources, expand the market share of large enterprises, increasing the stability of cable industry, is a major problem in the industry and relevant departments need to think about.

On how to speed up the independent innovation in enterprises, Huadong Holdings Group chairman of the board Jiang Xipei called for, enterprise innovation ability is insufficient, has seriously restricted the transformation of the cable industry, the product homogenization, vicious competition is still very serious. Currently on the market, many products are not qualified, or belong to inferior products. To solve such as? "Abnormal" development dilemma, on the one hand, the government should take effective measures to strictly control, more vigorously to create a fair environment for private enterprises in innovation and development; on the other hand, in the implementation of transformation and development, enterprises must not only rely on government policy support, to the implementation of independent innovation, to take corporate responsibility, industry and social responsibility, to break the old concept of development, to the enterprise management system, personnel system, evaluation system, salary system reform and optimization, and pay attention to the culture of innovation, honesty culture, system culture, education culture construction, attract all kinds of talents to enterprise innovation and development.

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