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Cable industry segments of the market

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-22

Market segmentation is a strategy to work closely with many links, in order to subdivision means to occupy the market, we must investigate market and market research, testing whether the market is big enough to look for development and sales. In addition, depends on whether the resources and channels to find the segmentation with the user, and the formation of customers. Regardless of their own conditions blindly follow the trend, or simply the pursuit of differentiation, is the subdivision error of operation. Market segmentation is not only a package a name so simple, needs to have the sales channels, suitable for the subdivision of the communication and resource allocation. Any cable companies in the development of a cable product, the first thing to consider is the cost and profit, many of our products development not successful is the enterprise too blindly, without considering these issues.

Of course, the excessive price segmentation and constantly crowded in the high-end market competition is very fierce, but as long as careful analysis of many high-end brand brand value, we will find, whether high-end cable market, or low-end cable market, price segmentation can still create a huge market opportunity. Especially in recent years, many Chinese local cable brand, inventive, through independent innovation, always adhere to the concept in the focus on customer value, launched the difference strong, pay attention to the personalized product market segments, so that local cable companies market performance is gratifying, the strength of enterprises and industry maturity greatly improved.

In short, from the current cable market competition degree, from the user's desire to purchase, it is necessary to subdivide the market segmentation, but sufficient condition is not successful, nor even a necessary condition, but unlike some enterprises so simple as imagined. Many cable companies mistakenly subdivision as a successful choice, actually the key to success is its core competitiveness, resource matching, the lack of these factors is also full of hope to go along the segment of enterprises, is likely to want to go back to.

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