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Change China cable industry from quantitative change to qualitative change: Seek

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-04-30

Because of the global economic situation, at present, the wire and cable industry in a stagnation or slow development of the situation, and Chinese wire and cable industry is taking a new look and rapid development, industry marketization. In particular we see the domestic wire and cable structure is changing, to speed up the process of transformation and upgrading, mergers and acquisitions frequently, this means that the wire and cable industry China is to intensive, also means that with the accelerated process of survival of the fittest, Chinese wire and cable industry will change from the pursuit of quantity to the pursuit of.

Clearly, in recent years the development of Chinese wire and cable industry is rapid, mainly manifested as early as in 2011, has more than one trillion of the output value of more than American and become the world's leading. But the side effects of excessive pursuit of value have also emerged, mainly in the concentration is not high and the core competitiveness is not strong, resulting in a China wire and cable industry "big but not strong" situation, small and medium enterprises (including the small workshop type businesses) and other non competitive producers flooded, repeated construction is serious, low price competition in the low-end market, in the low-end market excess capacity etc..

Therefore, from the second half of last year to this year, we saw the wire and cable industry China quietly changed, a series of measures to upgrade, improve product quality, improve the core competitiveness, to the high profits in the high-end market into. This is no doubt a from quantitative change to qualitative transformation, but also to promote a great improvement China wire and cable industry "stronger".

Starting from a global perspective, to observe the wire and cable industry, we identified several major characteristics, first of all, wire and cable manufacturing industry developed still concentrated in Europe such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, etc.. In addition, North America and East Asia, such as America North Asia such as Japan, South Korea, Chinese Taiwan area. These regional and national economic development and the industrialization advancement the formation of international cable industry pattern, and through strategic merger and reorganization, the cable giant, Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries rely on its capital, technology, talent advantages formed a transnational, trans regional electric wire and cable production scale and specialization, which the top ten enterprises of the total sales revenue in the country or region where more than 2/3 of the market, industry concentration is high.

In recent years, with the continuous growth in some Asian emerging economies, the world wire cable pattern is also changing, the most obvious is the focus of world cable production continues to shift to Asia, and to the rapid China, Vietnam, Philippines and other countries the cable industry. At the same time, with the establishment of the euro zone, the upfront cost Eastern Wire and cable manufacturing has declined, the industry growth is quite rapid. While the developed countries in Europe and America, wire and cable industry almost stagnant, figures show, market share in Asia has occupied more than half of the world.

Nevertheless, because the European countries still hold the core technology, which most of the world's high-end market, is also the rate of profit is considerable market, they are controlled by the. So we find that, despite the huge Chinese wire and cable production, but to occupy the main position of global cable industry is still low, general cable and several Large Firm, which also reflects the concentration of China's wire and cable industry is not high, the brand and competitiveness is still insufficient.

At the same time, the global biggest manufacturing power, USA, Japan, Germany, China cable share accounted for 58% of the world, which USA cable share accounted for 17% of the world, Japan Cable share accounted for 9% of the world, Chinese cable share accounted for 28% of the world, Germany accounted for 4% of global cable.

In recent years, the merger and reorganization of national economic recovery in the industry, to speed up the process, as well as the response to the Party Central Committee called on the transformation and upgrading, to eliminate the excess production capacity, for the wire and cable industry development at home, and play a positive role should be to. Typical case: in July 2, 2011, set up a joint venture with the French Alcatel Shandong Yanggu cable group, Nike will spend 1240000000 yuan (about 140000000 euros), own 75% of the venture, Yanggu cable group holds the remaining 25% stake; 2012 February low to complete AmerCable $275000000 acquisition, merger Nexans cable after will be promoted to leading manufacturers of oil and natural gas industry; in 2012 March, Sumitomo electrician from Sumitomo Bakelite bought Vietnam Hanoi soft printed circuit board (FPC) production subsidiary. At this point, the domestic industry mergers and acquisitions still raged, as of 2012 September, the Far East holding group's acquisition of Taixing Shengda equity. By the end of 2012 in the cable through non-public offering of stock to acquire the three subsidiaries: Pearl cable, Yuan Fang cable, Xizhou electromagnetic wire. In 2014, the acquisition of South of Jiangsu cable 70% stake in remote cable......

In addition, Chinese some economic strength and technological strength of large cable companies, through continuous increase R & D input costs, the purchase of foreign core technology, very close to the high-end market. This is represent the general trend, partly because of higher margin high-end cable, another is for the situation. For example, in Europe and America and Japan at present on the cable by the use of the increasingly high demand, has prohibited the use of imported non environmental protection cable, with the EU RoHS directive issued, large-scale use of green environmental protection cable has become a global trend. In addition, especially with the different area Chinese a serious outbreak of the "haze pollution", is to allow more environment-friendly cable become the market need to scramble for commodity. At present, although the environmental protection cable our footsteps though behind foreign, but still follow the green trend, continue to develop and improve the environmental protection market.

Obviously, both the impact of the national response to the call or out of the market environment factors, China wire and cable industry is constantly looking for change, one of the most attract sb.'s attention is sought from quantitative change to qualitative change for. This change will be effective to reverse the situation China wire and cable industry is big but not strong, so as to form an international well-known cable production enterprises.

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