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Characteristics of the chlorinated polyethylene cable sheathing compound

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-22

Chlorinated polyethylene is a kind of special rubber by chlorinated polyethylene modified, used as the matrix production of rubber material with good comprehensive properties, is a good substitute for, CR/CSM synthetic rubber at present, domestic application in cable industry is the most mature, is widely used in the production of mining cable, marine cable, electric welding machine cable, wind power cables, general rubber sheathed cable etc..

The main characteristics of:
1, excellent mechanical properties and neoprene: can be comparable to, meet the demand of various grades of cable.
2, excellent flame retardant, oil resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance.
3, excellent aging resistance: because CPE is so saturated rubber heat resistance, weather aging and ozone resistance performance. The finished cable and long service life, improve the product quality.
4, Storage security good: CPE vulcanization system with high temperature on sulfur, not cure, can be stored for more than half a year.
5, the processing safety: CPE has good heat resistance, excellent anti coke burning performance, can withstand repeated processing. High temperature durability is far better than that of chloroprene rubber.
6, Coloring performance of very good: because CPE is white powder, good color, can produce a variety of beautiful color of the cable, and is not easy to change color.
7, the proportion of light: mix proportion is about 1.45-1.55, the same weight of CPE compound than neoprene can cable production longer, save the cost, volume weight is also very light.
8, easy to use: the compound has all the good vulcanizing agent, and pressed into different specifications of the long thin sheet. When in use, do not need to recycle can be directly fed glue, cable production line existing only need to adjust process parameters, can be normal production.

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