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Chemical characteristics of aluminum alloy cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-04-12

Aluminum alloy power cable, is a AA-8000 series aluminum alloy conductor, using special pressing process and annealing treatment, and chain armour technology and other advanced technology invention of new materials to create power cable.

The difference between aluminum alloy cable and cable: aluminum alloy cable using AA-8000 series aluminum alloy conductor, and ordinary cables with copper or aluminum as the cable conductor.

Aluminum alloy cable cable than ordinary advantage:

Anti corrosion performance

Corrosion resistance aluminum edge inherent self when the aluminum surface is in contact with air to form an oxide layer is thin and strong corrosion, the oxide layer especially tolerant of various forms of. And the rare earth elements added to the alloy can improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy, especially the electrochemical corrosion. The characteristics of aluminum to withstand the harsh environment of the conductor which is widely applied in the tray cable, and many industrial components and containers. Corrosion usually generated with different metal in the humid environment of connection, can the corresponding protective measures to prevent corrosion, such as the use of lubricating oil, antioxidant and protective coating. Acidic soil alkaline soil and some types of have more corrosive to aluminum, so aluminum conductor directly buried insulating layer or sheath should be used to prevent corrosion of molding. In sour environments, such as railway tunnel and other similar places, the corrosion resistance of aluminium alloys is much better than that of copper.

Flame retardant properties

When fire occurs in the building, smoke and halogen containing toxins (such as cable in the halogen flame retardants) is a fatal killer. "Code for electrical design of civil buildings" (JGJ16-2008) Regulations "second 7.4.1 for a class of high-rise buildings and important public fire safety requirements high buildings, low smoke halogen-free should use of flame retardant XLPE insulated power cable"

Armour aluminum alloy cable the insulation is used in low smoke halogen-free XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) material, with its unique self-locking type armoured structure, to achieve low smoke halogen-free flame retardant grade IA, the cable transmission in the combustion rate of 99% (standard IA transmittance ≥ 80%), produced only a trace of smoke, fire reduces two injury to the human body, is conducive to timely evacuation and rescue.

Aluminum alloy armor self-locking armored cable with good heat dissipation, can quickly remove heat, its flame retardant properties, can be quickly extinguished the flame after the withdrawal, will not delay and other materials. The combustion experiments, the fire 40min carbonation height of only 0.15m, far below the national standard "cables and optical cables under fire conditions in experiment thirty-third parts: vertically mounted bunched wires and cables vertical flame spread test a" (GB/T 18380.33-2008) flame retardant cable carbonization degree ≤ 2.50M requirements.

Through the analysis, the corrosion resistance and flame retardant properties of aluminium alloy cables have certain advantages, and now the global lean copper aluminum rich, high quality, high technology content of aluminum is developed, promoting the use of aluminum alloy cable is very necessary, and prospects will be very considerable.

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