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Chinese power technology into the advanced ranks in the world

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-05-28

China installed power generating capacity increased from 874000000 kW in 2009 to 2013 1247000000 kilowatts, the power of all scale ranks first in the world. The power structure of the continuous optimization, non fossil power generation installed capacity accounted for a substantial increase, up from 25.4% in 2009 to 30.9% in 2013. Grid resource allocation optimization ability, skill level of equipment and the safe power supply levels improve, the substation capacity, line length and so on a number of goals in the first international.

Together, the power occupation continue to increase the energy-saving emission reduction efforts, thermal power units to large capacity, high parameter, environment-friendly direction. From 2009 340 grams / kwh in 2013 fell to 321 grams kilowatt rates across the country the power supply coal consumption, increasing to atmospheric pollutants emission reduction, emissions continue to decline. Fine particulate matter, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions will continue to decline. Power occupation technology innovation to improve the skill level, reached the international advanced level. UHV transmission to achieve "China invention" and "Chinese lead". Chinese has built the "two to four straight" special high-voltage engineering. The new session of national power Committee at its first meeting an important development of long-distance and large capacity transmission skills. UHV in ensuring energy security, governance haze, improve energy efficiency, service play an increasingly important role in economic and social development.

Chinese have clean coal power generation technology advanced, built the first of all coal gasification combined cycle (IGCC) demonstration power plant put into operation, the annual output of 120000 tons of carbon dioxide capture demonstration project, as well as 600000 kilowatts supercritical circulating fluidized bed unit. Mastered the skill of making the maximum capacity of 700000 kilowatts of hydropower unit international R & D; is currently the largest international passive with independent intellectual property rights of pressurized water reactor nuclear power group, the three generation nuclear power technology; has a completely independent intellectual property rights of the 5 megawatt wind turbine is connected with power, 6 MW offshore wind turbine successfully installed, marking the skills of hydropower, nuclear power, cleaning power of wind power Chinese entered the ranks of the international advanced.

Display statement together, at that time, learn to face the new situation, new mission.

One is the power to carry out space is still large. Power supply and safety concerns Chinese modernization. With the accelerating China model of industrialization and urbanization, the future power and electric power needs will also adhere to rigid growth. Is expected in 2020 and 2030, China installed power generating capacity will reach 2000000000, 2700000000 kilowatts; the consumption of the whole society to reach $8.4, $11.5 kwh; years per capita consumption were 5800, 7400 kwh, as the OECD average of 66% and 85%. In order to meet the needs of economic and social development needs of the electricity, according to the China State Grid Corp of planning, 2014-2020 years, the power grid investment more than 3 trillion yuan, 2017, 2020 respectively built "three vertical and three horizontal", "five vertical and five horizontal" UHV AC and 13 back, 27 back HVDC, trans regional transmission can reach 290000000, 450000000 kw. Power occupation as the national economic lifeline and the important infrastructure, with broad space for development.

Two is the development trend of increasingly cleaning. Climate change and environmental pollution problems lead to deal with the traditional fossil energy development and utilization, the cleaning power structure adjustment as the features to accelerate, the development and utilization of clean power, promote the conventionally powered cleaning and power consumption of electric power development to become the leading party. When power resources, ecological and environmental constraints tightening, especially governance haze crunch time, further highlights the importance and urgency of clean development. Chinese rich cleaning power resources, hydropower 600000000 kilowatts of wind energy, solar energy resources can be developed; 2500000000 respectively, 2700000000 kw. These cleaning power resources are mainly distributed in the western and Northern regions. According to the national planning, by 2020 wind power installed capacity of more than 200000000 kilowatts, Chinese photovoltaic power more than 50000000 kilowatts, hydropower installed capacity of 350000000 kilowatts or so. The power supply, power grid planning to carry out a lot of new issues, but also to learn to play a role in providing a broad platform.

Three is to enhance the innovation ability facing the arduous mission to. Innovation is a nation and an inexhaustible motive. These power occupation was able to achieve rapid development, innovation is the key. The party's eighteen big emphasizes the innovation driven development strategy, the innovation lies in the center position overall in the country. At that time, the progress of science and technology change rapidly, a new round of reform to promote the power, electric power industry and the modern information technology, networking skills, intelligence skills highly integration, a large number of new techniques, new equipment, new materials, new technology is widely used in power system, power occupation of scientific development of increasingly high demand for innovation. Together, we in the new energy development, the fourth generation of nuclear power, clean and efficient coal-fired power generation, power grid operation management, large-scale energy storage areas have many problems need to be occupied, some skills and key equipment not only can't learn in a foreign country, but not to buy, need vast scientific and technological workers unremittingly to tackle tough, play skill innovation and knowledge innovation leading support function.

The four is the transformation of government functions put forward new demand for the society to carry out. With the change of government functions, decentralization, some social functions will be borne by the association of science and technology, which provides a hitherto unknown opportunities for the society development, but also gives to learn new duties. This year, the Ministry of civil affairs to abolish the national social organizations set up branches, change, cancellation of registration of the administrative examination and approval, allow "one industry will", which will promote the development of the reform of the society, arouse the vitality of society has played a positive role, together to learn the organization construction, system construction and put forward higher demand.

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