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Chinese reform the traditional cable industry to develop new ideas

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-05-09

State Council Premier Li Keqiang said in Liaoning Shenyang held the first quarter of this year the economic situation seminar, "online shopping to moderate pace for the new format, not a stick killed it. The risk control, to control it as much as possible, but also to give space for development." This time position, is undoubtedly a shot in the arm to the development mode of electronic commerce, it also provides new ideas for Chinese traditional cable industry great reform and development.

Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma said it is too early to say, "do not do e-commerce, 5 years later you will regret it. 10 years later, if you don't do the electronic commerce, then you will have no business." Chinese Service Trade Association Electronic Commerce Committee executive director and Secretary General of the Soviet recently pointed out that electronic commerce has had a very big impact on many industries Chinese, domestic has stepped into the electric era.

In the view of the domestic cable industry senior expert Tao Jianmin, wire and cable and the emerging electronic commerce with the development of the road, not only to develop a broader market for the enterprise, but also can optimize the cable industry allocation of resources, promote the sound development of the industry.

In a short period of cable, fraction of cable as an example, many enterprises be discarded, resulting in waste of resources, other enterprises and construction can not buy appropriate cable length. As the domestic cable industry leader, far ahead of industry of electronic commerce, in 2011 the first "a web two platform" (i.e., cable, cable network sale of treasure Chinese cable material exchange), the traditional cable industry and electronic commerce is well together. Far east Holding Group chairman of the board Jiang Xipei predicts the development of e-commerce will be more quickly this year, will integrate the more traditional industry, cable companies also will greet the subversive reforms.

The innovation and development of the Far East has been fully affirmed the Standing Committee of Jiangsu provincial Party committee, Wuxi municipal Party committee secretary Huang Lixin and other leaders. She stressed, to exert industrial advantage, advantage, seize the development opportunity of e-commerce, vigorously develop e-commerce, promote industry integration, expand trade, reduce production cost of enterprise, combining the real economy and e-commerce, set off a wave of enterprise innovation and development.

For cable enterprise electronic commerce means the birth of new markets and new sales channels, will open up new markets for the cable companies. At present, the domestic cable industry most entrepreneurs in the development of e-commerce is still hesitated, the entire industry is still in the stage of exploration in the way of electronic commerce, who believe that the first perceived opportunities and action who will win.

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