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Clean energy and the aluminum alloy cable applications

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-04-02

In March 27, 2014, 2014 China clean electricity peak and China International Clean Energy Expo Smart Grid Forum, Anhui electric power and Electrical Co. Ltd. Mr. Yu Guoliang introduced the development process, aluminum alloy cable characteristics and clean energy and aluminum alloy cable applications, the following details.

Moderator: Thank you! Here, welcome third speakers, to Guoliang, joined Anhui and Electric Power Electric Co. Ltd. in 2001, is now the chief engineer, senior engineer, for total graduated from Shanghai Institute of Technology in 1982, is engaged in the aluminum processing industry for more than 30 years, Anhui electric power company and the company is the production of aluminum alloy wire professional, is committed to become the Chinese aluminum alloy cable leader, please in general do a wonderful speech!
Yu Guoliang: distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon!

I was in Anhui and the electric power to Guoliang, my lecture today includes four aspects content: development, aluminum alloy cable. Two, aluminum alloy cable characteristic. Three, and the electric power cable characteristics of aluminum alloy. Four, clean energy and aluminum alloy cable applications.

Development of an aluminium alloy cables

First, the cable industry, electric power is the blood of the national economy, the cable is the blood vessel.
Second, the domestic aluminum industry and history, China copper reserves, low grade, as a strategic material, copper imports under international control, in 80, aluminum processing level is relatively low, especially the content of silicon, iron is relatively high, conducting quantity is low; 90 years later, the introduction of international advanced level, aluminum content and the processing technology has been greatly improved.
In 1968 America proposed 8030 patent, from the beginning of 1980 is made of aluminum alloy cable, 1985 America electrical commission will be 8000 aluminum alloy cable into the electrical specification, in 1986 1987, the ongoing electrical failure, after investigation, electrical failure is caused by improper installation, and independent, and cable, the standard of NEC aluminum alloy cable installation the 2008 NEC provisions, aluminum alloy cable has a clear characteristic and the installation method.

Characteristics of two, aluminum alloy cable

Can be divided into five aspects: first, to take micro alloying, microstructure obtained conductor excellent, excellent strength and conductivity. Second, after the annealing treatment. Third, the anti creep strength. Aluminum

Performance of the three, and an aluminum alloy cable

Improvement of electric power and aluminum alloy cable. Research and development of aluminum alloy products and electric power cable manufacturing efforts in the following performance improvement: safety performance, reliable use, consistent with the operating conditions, to provide technical service, the whole process of electrical properties, mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, creep resistance properties. Due to the addition of rare earth elements, improves the corrosion resistance.

In order to obtain the performance, and the electric power to take the following measures: using multi alloying, adding rare earth elements. Adding proper amount of rare earth aluminum, can make the mechanical strength, elongation, hardness, fracture toughness and wear resistance, improved performance; La and Ce can significantly improve the alloys, and the alloy of different kinds, the optimum amount of rare earth is also different, AL-Re alloys have good resistance to heat, in connection, take the copper aluminum connecting terminal, can not generate creep. In composition, the 8000 Series Based on the composition, the zinc alloy composition and ratio, the addition of Sc element, the high pure aluminum add rare earth is harmful to conductivity, but adding appropriate amount of rare earth in the industrial pure aluminum and AL-Mg-SI conductive alloy, electrical conductivity can be improved to some extent. Effect of rare earth SC, scandium has strong effects on grain refinement of aluminum and aluminum alloy, its effect than other transition elements are much larger, both in the pure aluminum or aluminum alloy, scandium grain refinement effect than Ti, Zr and V. Scandium is a kind of transition elements and rare earth elements added to the aluminum and aluminum alloy, not only can refine the grain, improve the as cast alloy, recrystallization temperature of five aluminum alloy to improve strength and toughness, and can significantly improve the effect of aluminum alloy welding, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal stability and anti neutrons radiation damage.

To improve our cable: first, improve the process, there are six aspects: the use of energy efficient smelting, high temperature melting technology, regenerative combustion technology; and compared to the traditional combustion technology, can improve the thermal efficiency of 10%; automation refining technology, the method of removing gas furnace and furnace gas removal; intermediate alloy particles, rapid melting, uniformity, non segregation, join the process automation, small loss; electromagnetic stirring process, alloy melting degree, reduce the labor intensity, burning a small; automatic casting technology, the original casting technology depends on the manual operation, and aluminum liquid easily during casting and rolling inspiratory, automatic casting technology, flow stability, no turbulent flow and liquid aluminum roll caused by suction, low labor intensity, high security; heat treatment technology. Second, connection tools, sophisticated materials, copper T2 international standard terminal used for the purity of 99.9% copper, aluminum part is made of aluminum alloy by micro alloying preparation, high strength, good electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance is strong; advanced technology, using digital friction welding process of copper and aluminum alloy welding as a whole, the connection terminal is more reliable performance; high reliability, products meet national standards, the same material, the same mechanical properties, there is no difference between connection materials, greatly improve the reliability of the joint, convenient installation, aluminum alloy tube memory have high quality conductive paste group two imports, protection of aluminum alloy joints can not be oxidized easily transportation and installation.

The advantages of our cable, the alloy composition ratio, technology innovation, the conductor was more ideal microstructure, which has excellent comprehensive properties. First, high energy, high conductivity, have serious ratio micro alloying, reduce the alloy negative abnormal do, and with the process of forming the texture along the conductor length. Rare earth adding higher conductivity, higher, 0.1% when had a reduced role, after rising, the alloy elements and not the more the better, but also have the best ratio of ingredients. Through the allocated proportion, formed the organization structure is very reasonable, arranged by length, conductivity and resistance minimum. Reinforce and extend rate, control by optimizing the proportion, the core components of the process of reform and innovation, the conductor and electrical power aluminum alloy cable to obtain the ideal microstructure, which has excellent comprehensive properties. High strength, in does not affect the conductivity and flexibility at the same time, improve the conductor strength, to meet the

strength requirements of conductor at the same time, greatly improve the elongation.
Re optimization mechanism, as we all know, aluminum is face centered cubic crystal structure, rare earth as close packed six party structure, the rare earth in the aluminum alloy solid solubility of small, most REE enrichment at the grain boundaries, in the process of solidification, rare earth gathered at the liquid interface, along the increase of the undercooling. There are rare in aluminum alloy, solid solution in the matrix, segregation and phase boundary - boundary and dendritic boundary, solid solution exists in the form of the compound or compounds, when the rare earth content is low, mainly in the form of distribution of rare earth in front of. Solid solution in the matrix of the rare earth plays a limited solid solution strengthening function, segregation in grain boundary and phase boundary - branch at grain boundaries of rare earth increased deformation resistance, promote the dislocation multiplication, and two secondary dendrite arm spacing possible refinement.

Creep properties of aluminum alloy, due to the addition of scandium in aluminum alloy, forming a fine dispersed second phase, to improve the creep stress value, we in the 90 degree, 96MPa simulation conditions, wires are respectively on electrical copper, aluminum, 8030 aluminum alloy were compressive creep experiments, measuring the amount of deformation the respective, creep curve slope is very high.
The corrosion resistance performance, crystal type SC in rare earth elements can change the alumina membrane, increase the density of passive film on the surface of aluminum alloy, which reduces the penetration of passivation film of aluminum alloy under complex environment. In the environment of different corrosion conditions, corrosion gas to enter the aluminum surface gas, improves the corrosion resistance. Simulation test of artificial seawater corrosion, corrosion depth is not the same, to about 0.28%, the best corrosion depth effect.

The development of national economy and energy use, now, electricity consumption per capita and USA consumption still has very big difference, in general, to 2020, and now, have improved, probably increased to 2000000000 degrees, it is necessary to solve the energy shortage problem through the development of clean energy. The development and energy of national economy, power grid is an important carrier of scientific and rational use of energy, to achieve optimal allocation of energy resources and increase the utilization rate of energy provides a platform in a wider range, starting from the China situation, we must speed up the energy grid, improve coal utilization rate method and optimization, enhance the utilization of clean energy, to solve the power large scale, long distance, low loss transmission problems, promote large-scale hydropower, coal, nuclear power, renewable and clean energy intensive development, China resources per capita level diagram, in China, coal accounted for 79%, cultivated land area of only 40%, considerably less.
Four, clean energy and aluminum alloy cable applications

Application of aluminum alloy cable in clean energy in the future, high conductivity, safety, environment friendly, you know, aluminum contact with air, on the surface of the rapid formation of oxide film, avoid further corrosion. I told everyone a more intuitive data, Chinese now a year consumption of copper 10000000 tons, of which, 6000000 tons of used in cables, including the size of the cable, 10000000 tons, 80% need to import, this is what the concept? Aluminum is one of the most abundant elements on earth, earth 23% is Chinese bauxite, aluminum processing industry accounted for 70% of the world, the rational use of aluminum alloy cable, not only can save resources, but also can digest the electrolytic aluminum production capacity, but also contribute to our clean energy.

Conclusion, aluminum alloy cable, to achieve the same with copper cable case, area increased by 60%, the diameter increased 20%, weight 50%, life expectancy is 30 years, standard support, applications: panels to the inverter, which can not only light weight, we on the one hand, the development of photovoltaic field, in addition, make full use of roof resources quantity big surface existing widely existing resources, roof load is not enough, the weight can use aluminum alloy cable, also can be used in the inverter, including the inverter to the booster stations and wind farms to booster station. High performance alloy have several ways: the micro alloying toughening is one of the frontiers of high performance aluminum alloy in recent 20 years.

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