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Current situation of optical fiber communication and its future development and Application

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-04-01

Light everywhere. Early in human development, people have begun to use light to transmit information. But when the capacity of information transfer is very few, limitations are also great.
With the development of society, information transmission and exchange capacity grow with each passing day, electric traditional communication can't meet the needs of the people. In order to expand the communication capacity, medium wave, shortwave communication from the development of microwave, millimeter wave, this is actually through enhanced communication carrier frequency to expand the communication capacity. This emergence of optical communication technology is present, optical fiber communication.

Optical fiber communication is to be transmitted, such as image data signal modulated on optical carrier, optical fiber as the communication method.

Compared with the traditional electric communication, optical fiber communication is based on the high frequency wave as carrier, uses optical fiber as transmission medium. Due to the optical fiber communication with low loss, wide bandwidth, large capacity, small volume, light weight, resistance to electromagnetic interference, is not easy to crosstalk and other advantages, it has been the industry's favor since its emergence, development is very rapid. The transmission capacity of optical fiber communication system since 1980 has increased by nearly ten thousand times the transmission speed in the past 10 years increased about 100 times.

Development and application of optical fiber
For the development of optical communication technology, people consider and try a variety of transmission media, but their losses are very high. Until 1966, Chinese American Dr. Gao Kun and Hawke Hamm published a paper, foresaw the fiber can be used in communication and low loss optical fiber communication, knocked on the door. From the application of optical fiber communication in the attention.
Soon in 1970 August USA Corelle company successfully developed the first loss of 20dB/kM fiber. Optical fiber communication era which began.
In 1972, with the preparation of fiber raw material in the process of purification, bar and wire drawing technology level unceasing enhancement, the attenuation coefficient of graded index multimode optical fiber is reduced to 4dB/km.
In 1973, reduce the fiber loss American Baer laboratory developed to 2.5dB/km. In 1974 dropped to 1.1dB/km.
In 1976, Nippon Telegraph and telephone (NTT) companies and other units to the fiber loss is reduced to 0.47dB/km (1.2 nm). In the next 10 years, the fiber loss at a wavelength of 1.55 sharp decline.

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