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Design of variable frequency cable structure

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-26

The energy saving effect of variable frequency speed regulation device, used for high power electric frequency conversion motor, generator can save 30And frequency conversion motor, after use, the motor soft starter motor bearings work smoothly, reduce wear, prolong the using life of the motor cycle and repair. Therefore, variable frequency speed control technology has been widely used in petroleum, metallurgy, electric power, railway, mining and other industries.

1 Design of symmetrical cable

As the core cable, 1.8/3KW and special frequency conversion motor and symmetry of the 3+1 and the four core cable can only be used for the input power cable, but the best use of cable symmetric structure. And frequency conversion motor cable should be requested through cable symmetrical structure, symmetry structure of the three core cable, 3+3+3 two or three core cable structure is a four core insulation wire core. The neutral line is divided into three parts the smaller insulation, three XiaoXian three core symmetry, as the cable special 6/ cable 10kV frequency conversion motor, structure and 6/10kV power cable is different, the general average power cables are three insulated copper tape shielded cable, the cable is especially by the variable frequency motor copper copper tape shielding after stage, chip cable, symmetrical structure asymmetry and cable conductor internal swaps, have better electromagnetic compatibility electromagnetic interference suppression, played an important role, can offset the harmonic and odd high frequency, improve the frequency conversion motor, special cable anti-interference reduce the whole system of electromagnetic radiation.

2 structure design of shield

3kV and less than 1.8/3KW cable shielding frequency conversion motor, special shielding usually use cable shielding special general 10kV frequency conversion motor /, using phase shield and shield, the shield is usually used for copper strip shielding or copper tape shielding combination. Total shield can use copper wire shielding, copper braided shielding combination, copper tape shielding, copper braided copper tape screened, one of the most important shielded by a certain proportion. The structure of the grounding resistance of electromagnetic shielding cable, malnutrition and power transmission and control technology, reducing interference, to prevent excessive Induction EMF inductance. Suppression of electromagnetic shielding layer play foreign emission effect, can be used as the short-circuit current, can play the role of neutral line protection. 6/10kV frequency conversion motor, taking into account the special cable, cable often by the light shielding layer of cable force in the use process, increase the galvanized steel pin is arranged on the shielding layer and the layer (layer, steel pin mounting sleeve). Steel pin arranged mainly as a cable machine, at the same time it bear radial load and additional total shielding effect, especially in the steel armor, copper and copper strip shielding, electromagnetic shielding materials with two different, complementary effect on screen, shielding the effect will be better.

3 Design of cable electrical performance

3kV and below the electrical performance of 1.8/3KW for frequency conversion motor cable designed according to GB/Tl2706 standard, 2002.6/10kV frequency conversion motor GBT meet the special cable in l2706.2002/ standard, capacitance, inductance increases performance requirements. According to the actual inverter motor with power transmission cable technology conditions of special cable and GB/T12706.2002 and ABB company, electric performance parameters of the cable was determined.

4 The technical skills of wire and cable production

The manufacturing process, insulated wire core of extrusion process on the special cable of frequency variable motor, as the key process in the process of cable.
Quality of insulated wire core insulation wire extrusion process will directly affect the performance of electrical cable. In order to improve the quality, we chose the cable electrical insulating material production, high, such as 10kV XLPE insulation material with special cable, 1.8/3kv frequency conversion motor, 6/3KW10kV motor using 35kV cross-linked cable special insulating material, a conductor shielding, insulation and insulation materials imported materials. In the production process, we should pay special attention to cleaning, shielding materials and insulation materials, tightly packed eccentric control and consistency of insulation insulation, can reduce the interfacial effect, improve the electrical performance of the cable.

Process requirements, frequency cable wiring insulation cables must ensure a uniform tension structure, core cable core line after line length is consistent, otherwise it will cause the structure of electrical properties of facing the capacitance and inductance, effect of non uniformity of cable.

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