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Discussion on twisted pair transmitter in the wiring problems in application

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-29

Fact and experience tells us, the advantages of twisted pair cable video transmission is enhanced using twisted pair cable video transmission in the engineering of faith, but in the actual product purchase and routing applications, or there will be some problems, the paper has a summary, as follows:

1 in order to enhance the anti-interference ability, to use shielded wire
Some friends because of the long-term use of transmission line, the use of coaxial cable as the transmission medium experience not consciously applied to the twisted pair cable transmission, that is shielded twisted pair cable cable has better performance in anti-jamming, however actually use shielding line does enhance the anti-interference ability, but the high frequency signal is severely impaired the effect of color, the transmission of variation, distance is not even color image, the transmission quality to sell at a discount greatly. At the same time, shielded twisted pair cable of high prices, the increase in the cost of the project, the wiring is first of all should pay attention to the problem.

2 in order to reduce the cost of the project, blindly choose low-priced products
Any product has its reasonable price, good mobile phone beautiful appearance, easy use, durable, but the price is not cheap, because of its industrial design, quality control, materials technology and so on have made a lot of work, the work needed to input costs, the natural price relative to some mobile phone higher. At present, the twisted pair cable transmission equipment production enterprises are mostly small private enterprises, reasonable price can bring benefit to the user, and can guarantee the production enterprises have a more stable power, not 3, 5 years was closed, users of their products is a problem do not know who to repair. twisted pair cable transmission equipment in recent years, the market price confusion, some friends to consider in the purchase price of products, after considering the quality and customer service service, so you have the order reversed. To be clear, we do project is the security engineering, therefore, the whole system security engineering have reliable quality products, or poor quality, the system itself is a problem, but also how to monitor the kittens and puppies little action. All want to get reliable products, low price is very hard to do, if you buy, maybe you should consider the quality of the product or service quality customer service. Of course, there are also some enterprises to do well in cost control, the price is very competitive, but Chinese currently such enterprises very rare, very few.

3 blind believe the product waterproof, anti interference and the lightning protection capability
Most of the enterprises in the publicity that their products are waterproof, anti disturbance and lightning protection, therefore when communicating with customers to allow customers to believe that their products of these abilities, the wiring should steer clear of much rain, strong interference and direct lightning area things settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, customers will not buy products attaches great importance to these this should avoid places, it may produce interference phenomena and direct lightning strike destroyed phenomenon. Just imagine, tens of thousands of volts of thunder can pull a tree into several pieces, small twisted pair cable transmission equipment is what?! shell melts, lightning protection tube can play what role. Therefore, we must seek truth from facts in the wiring, try to avoid them, as far as possible, at the same time, improve the product storage environment, make the device work stably in a clean, dry environment.

4 rough wiring technology, resulting in video effect
In fact, unshielded twisted pair cable we buy in the market are 305 meter box, but the project point in a left a right one, far and near, so short, less than 305 meters of the place needs to break the wire wrapping, the line out with camera, long. You need to put two boxes or more box line connected, the connection is best welding, wrapped, and twisted and twisted pair cable, so as to ensure that a problem of transmission is not online.

5 go two extremes, resulting in unnecessary waste
With long distance transmission equipment used in a short distance, and transmission equipment in the short distance use are not scientific in long distance. Some friends in order to make the video effect is better, often at the cost of the transmission equipment 1200 meters by 500 meters, actually do not, is a waste. In short distance is more saving products, and some also does not need the power, more stable, economical, lacking in energy today, we advocate the effective conservation. On the contrary, if the normal work in the use of 300 meters of the equipment in the 500 meters, is not scientific, called a child of 10 years old to pick 100 jins burden into it, it will increase the risk of equipment damage, show the effect is not good.

6 wire is too poor, leading to often break
twisted pair cable video transmission equipment in connection to take most of their connection mode, one is directly to the two terminals of two lines of leather were received through the device; one is the use of RJ45 crystal head. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, with wiring terminals in contact is good, can ensure good contact between the nodes, but the twisted pair cable line is fine, no special tools are not easy to deal with, if the wire is of poor quality, through the wire may be very fragile, cannot afford to make use of the first crystal; to meet, let a person feel very feasible, but the actual effect is not good, because the crystal head contact * elastic compression, a long time may cause bad contact. In addition, a point we only twisted pair cable four pairs of lines in a pair of lines, if the four do the crystal head, is clearly a waste. Therefore, the best way is still to take post form, but in the procurement of wire, good quality, choose brand wire as possible. Some people worry that the wiring column form wiring, whether two lines carefully can afford to a long term weight force, this fear is normal, but we have to deal with it, as long as the terminal near the twisted pair cables of a fixed, this fear can be completely solved.

7 The study is not deep, lack of patience, not adjusted to best effect
The first use of twisted pair cable transmission equipment, see a thin pages of instructions that installation is a piece of cake, so rough look at the manual start, however the actual regulation that it is far from the case, because the adjustment, the transmitter and the receiver are adjusted, and the transmitter location often hundreds of meters away, on both sides of the personnel need interphones continuous coordination, this work is easy to be confused in mind, so the problem is easy to produce, many first-time users, it is easy to take it out on the twisted pair cable transmission equipment. The solution to this problem is, concrete construction personnel first to read through the manual, then according to the actual or estimated the distance between two points, first determine the dial position transmitter, then let the construction personnel receiving proper adjustment, if not, the estimation error, they will have to re estimate, at the transmitter set the dial, adjusted, once again by the receiving end of the staff that, the best effect is very easy to tune out.

The key lies in
1, to emphasize a regulatory sequence,
2, to hold the attitude, patience, comprehensive, carefully to do a.

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