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Electrolytic aluminum industry in the morass of loss

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-06-09

Aluminum price trend, the more depressed, the loss of a piece of aluminium. The Ministry recently released the latest data show, 4 months before the aluminum smelting industry wide losses amounted to 8830000000 yuan, the net loss amounted to 7040000000 yuan, a net increase of 3890000000 yuan over the same period last year. From 1 to April, China's electrolytic aluminum output 7690000 tons, electrolytic aluminum inventory 1000000 tons, aluminum smelting industry, investment in fixed assets 10300000000 yuan, drop compared to the same period 35.9%. "By the aluminum prices continued to fall and the rising cost of industry influence, loss is severe, since this year the aluminum price decline of aluminum is one disaster after another."

Zhuo and information analysts Zhang Qing said aluminum accept economic interview, aluminum prices continued to fall in the influence of the economic environment, the biggest reason is excess capacity. In 2003 China's electrolytic aluminum production capacity is only 8340000 tons, in 2013 reached 32900000 tons. From the Shandong Provincial Commission by letter raw material industry data shows, at present Shandong area total completion of electrolytic aluminum production capacity of 5325000 tons, accounting for about 16.33% the size of the building, operation capacity of 4650000 tons, accounting for about 17.71% of the operation scale, capacity utilization rate of 87.32%, higher than the national average of 80.53%.

According to Zhang Qing introduction, in May, the weighted average cost of aluminum industry in Shandong province is 13587.29 yuan / ton, a loss of 745.294 yuan / ton. At the end of 5, the main transactions interval temporarily maintain between 2450 to 2520 yuan / ton, but trading was light. The average cost of production of domestic electrolytic aluminum in May for 14873.56 yuan / ton, in May the average price of 13098 yuan / tons of calculation, the industry average loss of 1775.56 yuan / ton. At the same time, in May the domestic operating capacity of 27725000 tons, loss of capacity of 19848000 tons, the loss rate of 71.59%. In addition, according to industry capacity weighted cost of 13606.63 yuan / ton, the rate of loss of 508.63 yuan / ton.

Understand according to the reporter, Shandong implementation of resolution six excess industry is electrolytic aluminum. Shandong planning to 2015 out of electrolytic aluminum industry, the 16 Wan Anpei prebaked cell, to 2017, electrolytic aluminum production capacity utilization rate has reached more than 80%, can be controlled in 4000000 tons, concentration increased to 95%. Director of the Economic Research Institute, Shandong Academy of macroeconomic research commentator Gao Fuyi think, electrolytic aluminum enterprises should extend to the downstream, the development of deep processing of aluminum products, improve the added value of the products, which is transferred to the energy advantage areas or foreign, overseas.

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