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Factors affecting the quality of the cable accessories

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-26

Cable accessories quality factor is diverse, has the following several principles:

1, electrical properties. Electrical performance is the primary principle of cable accessories quality evaluation. The main consideration of cable accessories electric field distribution is reasonable, to improve the electric field distribution measures are appropriate, insulation margin materials such as electric strength, dielectric loss and product.
At the same time, we must consider the stability of electrical properties, including chemical, physical properties and structure of cable accessories material stability, such as the stress control material performance is stable, the stress cone is easy to deformation, cable insulation retraction on cable accessories. The influence of the electric field distribution and prevention measures, and compatibility with other material combination, combination the interfacial properties of stability.
In addition, the thermal properties of cable accessories should also be considered, such as dielectric loss, conductor connecting the contact resistance and stability, conduction of heat release, thermal expansion and contraction of each component of the electrical and mechanical properties.

2, the sealing performance. Dampproof performance directly influence the electrical properties and service life of cable accessories. Terminal sealing structure is reliable, stable. In general, the middle joint should also have a matching metal moistureproof shell, especially buried or for use in wet environments.

3, mechanical properties. Terminal should have sufficient flexural, shockproof. The middle joint should be able to withstand a force and prevent external injury measures.

4, the process performance. Process performance is an important condition for the design and selection of cable accessories, installation process should be simple, convenient construction, short construction period; not high requirements for environment field and requirements of the technical level of the workers; the installation quality is easily controlled, reliable quality etc..

5, the quality assurance system. Prefabricated cable accessories factory, the manufacturing plant to provide the prefabricated parts, rubber prefabricated stress cone, porcelain, shell, impregnating agent and other components, in the on-site installation and assembled into a whole terminal or connector, therefore, directly related to the final quality of manufacturing quality of each part and the installation process and product quality. This set of quality assurance procedures should include at least the following contents:

1) factory, should be strictly for key parts (e.g., rubber stress cone, GIS epoxy resin casing, impregnating, the middle joint of the prefabricated parts) tested. Carefully check the test and measurement equipment is reliable, the test methods are effective, whether the test personnel be trained with regularity and test records are complete;
2) whether the installation and construction personnel factory sent by strict training and have enough experience in construction;
3) coordination between different departments or manufacturing plant;
4) sales and operation records the past.

HV XLPE cable accessories varieties in domestic and foreign market, variety, structure are not the same. Cable accessories of many types, each have a characteristic. It is difficult to determine which is the best or even the worst one, which is why the cable accessories can coexist in the past ten years. The correct selection of the user not only affects the investment and the construction of cable project, but also directly affects the safe operation and the service life of the cable system. Selection of cable accessories should be decided according to the actual use requirements, not the blind pursuit of "fashion", suitable is the best.

Reliability is always the first important consideration cable engineering. Based on reliability and then talk about the installation is convenient and the price is expensive, otherwise, will be the biggest and most expensive.

High voltage cable accessories reliability from electrical performance, dampproof performance, mechanical properties and process performance and other aspects of evaluation. Production management manufacturers also directly affect the overall quality of cable accessories. Therefore, manufacturers of quality assurance system is the important principle of cable accessories quality evaluation.

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