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Fire Retardant technology power cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-05

According to incomplete statistics, nearly ten years the occurrence of major accidents due to ignition cables were spread over a hundred, the cumulative burned cable 320000 meters, the restoration and reconstruction work of large investment, Fei Shichang, only a small amount of power supply loss amounted to about 10000000000 yuan. The cable fire disaster and its special harm, that is the control loop failure accident, even damage of main equipment, and difficult to repair, long time not to resume production.

Power cable in power plant, substation maintenance is an important part of the normal operation of the. The cable is widely distributed in power plant, substation, cable, cable fire on flammability of ductility, cable fire severity, the fireproof cable attached great importance by the electric power department, fire control institutions and scientific research institutions. In view of the cable fire accidents, it is necessary to explore further the fire safety measures for cable.

To create a good environment to avoid accelerated aging and damage insulated cable

Cable channel, cable tunnel must have good drainage facilities, such as drainage ditch, water, and can effectively that water, if necessary, set automatic start stop pumping device, to prevent water, dry inside. Longitudinal slope of drainage tunnel cable trench, the value of not less than 1% ~ 2%, at least should be greater than 0.5%, to prevent water, corrosive gas or liquid and flammable liquid or gas into the. Cable channel, cable tunnel. Cable tunnel natural ventilation, but when the cable normal load of the air temperature inside the tunnel is higher than 40 ℃ ~ 50 ℃, can adopt natural ventilation and mechanical exhaust combination of ventilation. Fan ventilation system and fire detector chain, to ensure that can automatically stop sending wind tunnel fires, cable tunnel shall not be used as inlet duct ventilation system.
Should avoid to take in a normally closed state, with the fireproof clapboard cable fireproof door, cable is completely closed, the gap filling closed cable trench cover all influence the ventilation and cooling way cable. Moreover, the cables are completely sealed, also make the cable normal inspection has become impossible, cannot discover the cable fault.
In addition, a rat, a snake into the perfect facilities, prevent small animal damage cable insulation accidents.

Strengthen the preventive test cable

Preventive test of cable not only the test data of qualified unqualified, should also be the data to compare and analysis. Comparative test data can be and the same cable, the cable can also be compared and historical test data, test data of exploration. As for the DC voltage withstand test, if the measured leakage current value with the value of the test voltage increase or time pressure increases rapidly, or the same cable compare numerical increase more, or the cable before the data comparison shows an obvious rising trend, or, between the three leakage current unbalanced factor large, should be careful analysis. Such as the non test method caused by improper, it may be appropriate to increase the test voltage or extension of the test duration, judge whether to continue operating conditions of cable.

To strengthen the management and monitoring of cable head manufacturing quality

According to statistics, due to the fault of cable head cable fire, explosion accidents accounted for about 70% of the total cable. Therefore, must strictly control the production material and process quality cable head. The requirements of cable head made of life, can not be less than the service life of the cable. Rated voltage and insulation level joint shall not be less than the rated voltage, the connecting cable and insulation level.

Insulation insulation pads on both sides of the head of the value, no less than 2 times of cable sheath insulation level. Joint forms should be compatible with the setting conditions, and does not affect the flow capacity of the cable. Cable head on both sides of the 2 ~ 3 meters, should use the fire with fire burning treatment for package.

In general, the cable head is the weak link in cable insulation, so it is important to strengthen the supervision and management of the cable head is an important part of cable fire. Cable terminal head must not be placed in the cable channel, cable tunnel, cable trough boxes, cable interlayer. Intermediate cable head disposed on the cable channel, cable tunnel, cable trough boxes, cable interlayer must register, and monitoring of the use of a variety of monitoring equipment. Find the cable head not normal temperature or smell, smoke, should as soon as possible out of operation, to avoid the cable head fire in operation.

Between each cable head should ensure that the safety distance enough, cable head more than two shall not be placed in the same location, between the cable head with other cables shall be plugging measures tight.

To prevent other equipment fire ignition cable

Oil filled electrical equipment and coal pulverizing system, steam, oil system with ignition cable ignition. Take corresponding measures to them; cable trench cover near the oil filled electrical equipment should be sealed to prevent equipment failure, fire, oil flow to the cable ignition cable ditch. The coal pulverizing system, electric dust near the LAN to the regular cleaning, to prevent the spontaneous combustion of pulverized coal ignition cable. Explosion door of pulverizing system in front of the cable to the fireproof slot box packaging, to prevent the fire door fire ignition cable action. The cable under the head of the turbine to fireproof slot box packaging.

The sealing, blocking, Tu, vibration, packages and other measures to prevent the cable burn

Fire retardant coating is coated with a thin, does not affect the normal heat dissipation, and has the characteristics of good heat insulation flame retardant effect, but there are many defects.

Therefore, the use of flame retardant coated with fireproof coating way a lot of cable should not be, and should adopt sealing, blocking, vibration mode. In the letter, plugging, vibration mode, should pay attention to the following questions:

1 sealing, blocking, across the way, to ensure the single cable fire does not burn to a plurality of cable. The cable channel, cable tunnel, cable tray; pipe cable interlayer close to fire sealing, prevent the single cable or a cable fire and ignited a large number of cables. Cable channel, cable tunnel every 60 ~ 100 meters to set up a firewall and fire door, fireproof clapboard shaft arranged in layers, between the power cable and control cable should be set fire partition, control cables shall use the fire or the fire retardant cable, to ensure that in any emergency master device can stop safely operation.
Cable channel shall be fitted with automatic alarm and automatic fire extinguishing device, such as a fire extinguisher water spray and mist, to achieve early detection and suppression.

2 must ensure the tightness, thickness of fireproof plugging. Fireproof plugging imprecise lost plugging effect, especially the cable centralized place, preferably with a soft sealing to ensure a tight seal. Maintenance inspection, will be timely failure plugging reduction. Sealing material thickness is not enough, after the fire the fire through the cable sealing material on combustion. Sealing material thickness should be proportional and sealing surface cable root number, number of cables more thick more plugging. The device automatically closed fire doors should be after the fire.

3 fire blocking layer must have sufficient mechanical strength. Because the cable fire especially electrical short circuit, the rapid expansion will cause the air and produce a certain impact, failure of fireproof sealing layer of low mechanical strength, so that the fire blocking out of action.

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