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Focus on the future development of distribution transformer

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-27

Since December 1st, the sales price and electricity price rise again, this is the third time this year raised the price. Price increases to some extent alleviate the coal enterprises operating costs and ease the shortage of domestic situation, but also in the objective extent on the promotion of high energy consumption enterprises, the upgrading of electrical equipment. High energy consumption distribution transformer is not in line with the current development trend of "energy-saving emission reduction" of the distribution transformer, the future will be towards the "energy and material saving, environmental protection, low noise, intelligent" direction.

Champoux advisory machinery industry analysts think, at present in the network operation of high energy consumption distribution transformer with the technology upgrade and update requirements, gradually being replaced by new energy saving and environmental protection of transformer. The two key industries of the future development of distribution transformer will be energy-efficient oil immersed transformer with amorphous alloy transformer.

Oil immersed distribution transformer is divided into S9, S11, S13 series, currently in operation is mainly S9 series. By comparison of energy consumption, S11 series transformer no-load loss is lower than S9 series and S13 series 1/5, lower than the S11 series 1/4. The China State Grid Corp has to vigorously promote the use of S11 series distribution transformer, and promote the use of S13 Series in the process of reform of city network, the next period of time S11, S13 series will completely replace S9 series distribution transformer.

The characteristics of amorphous alloy transformer no-load loss is very low, only S9 series oil immersed distribution transformer 1/5, meet the national energy-saving requirements, while both energy and economy, is the most ideal distribution transformer for the current energy saving effect, especially suitable for rural power grid load rate low area. The state also has been encouraging and promoting the use of amorphous alloy transformer, but raw material of non crystal alloy strip production capacity deficiency affects the mass production. Once the raw material control problem can be solved, the amorphous alloy transformer will be quickly spread, a huge potential for development.

According to the general advice is still issued the "2011 China oil immersed distribution transformer industry analysis and Research Report on" display, at present only the Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai area using bulk amorphous alloy transformer, accounted for in the network operation of distribution transformer 7-8%. With the national "energy-saving emission reduction" policy gradually deepening, amorphous alloy distribution transformer market share will gradually increase, the market is very promising.

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