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Global resources of aluminum copper rich spent,power cable should be with aluminum and copper

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-04-09

Content from the crust in copper and aluminum metal, aluminum copper rich spent this fact, who can deny that, also can't deny. The problem is, people will compare the copper and aluminum core cable in all aspects, technology on critical of the aluminum core power cable products, further popularization and application of aluminium core cable.

With aluminum and copper power cable conductor is an ancient resource utilization and product technical problems, should not there still pestering. Especially after the popularization and application of aluminum alloy conductor power cable of large area, the application scope is aluminum, saving a lot of copper resources, but also make the cable product performance is improved compared to conventional aluminum conductor cable, giving users more choice cable.

The crust of the aluminum from bauxite (bauxite) form. Bauxite alumina (Al2O3) content in general more than 40%. Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the earth's crust. In the earth's crust in total quality, aluminum accounted for about 8%, iron and copper accounted for about 5%, about 0.0001%. This shows that, in the development and utilization of metal resources as an electrical conductor, aluminum has the absolute attractive than copper.

The world has identified storage bauxite in 49 countries: mainly in North America and Canada America; France, Russia, Greece and Hungary and other countries; Brazil of South America, Venezuela, Guyana, Jamaica and Suriname Africa; Guinea, Cameroon and Mali; Oceania, Australia; Asia, India and China Indonesia and other countries. Among them, Guinea, Australia, Brazil, Jamaica, India and France are the main resources of china.

The global aluminum resource distribution
The global aluminum resource distribution (blue aluminum ore)

Chinese bauxite resource abundance is at a middle level, the total storage capacity of 37 tons, ranking seventh in the world. Have been identified in bauxite producing 310, distributed in 19 provinces, 72 large areas. Mainly distributed in Shanxi, Henan, Guangxi and Guizhou four provinces, its reserves accounted for 90.26%. Among them, Shanxi 41%, Henan 21%, Guangxi 18%, Guizhou 17%. Shandong, Hebei, Sichuan, Liaoning and Hunan and other places also have a small amount of storage.

Aluminum mineral deposits Chinese
Aluminum mineral deposits Chinese

Thus it can be seen, in the aluminum resource rich countries, in addition to the cable with copper conductor, generally in the extensive use of aluminum core cable. Also our country of aluminum copper rich spent, no reason not to promote aluminum core power cable.

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