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HD coaxial cable transmission technology still has great potential

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-31

In the last year issued the "2011", IMSResearch has released a short paper ("HDcctv joined the 2011 market melee"), especially introduces the HDcctv Alliance certified products to enter the video surveillance market. This article draws the conclusion, HDcctv Alliance certified products in the short term will not affect the use, network video surveillance equipment, however, we also note, this new transmission technology has great potential.

Now a year has passed, the market situation that IMSResearch prediction is correct. Although the HDcctv Alliance certified products have been recognized by the market, but sales this year are down.

Now for the video transmission product categories have increased. In addition to the HDcctv certification of products, there are HD-SDI and coaxial cable safety link (SLOC) products (market to IP coaxial cable Sony represented), also can be in the present (or new) high-definition image simulation infrastructure. The reader should note, the main difference between the HDcctv alliance /HD-SDI product and SLOC product is transmission. IMSResearch is to put all of these different types of products as HD coaxial cable equipment to study.
Exhibition in 2011, many manufacturers have introduced the concept of HD-SDI. In 2011 CPSE Bo meeting, many video surveillance manufacturers 2011 brought HD-SDI camera.
Looking to the future, coaxial cable and the concept of the market potential is basically sound. Currently there are a lot of analog video surveillance equipment and infrastructure market for high-definition video, there is a strong demand. Even so, in 2011 the coaxial cable equipment market is relatively small, this is related to storage, price, transmission distance, training and compatibility of other factors.

So, what the key change next year, whether to the coaxial cable (only HD-SDI) expand equipment market bring platform?
1, standardization. For coaxial cable penetration into the simulation of the existing market, compatibility issues each supplier or brand products must be solved. At present, in addition to the HDcctv Alliance certified equipment, in the HD-SDI video monitoring equipment is not any standard.
2, the storage cost. HD-SDI video transmission of uncompressed high-definition video, which may lead to the storage requirements and increased cost. HD-SDI is to break the simulation equipment of this mainstream procurement market, storage cost must be reduced. Hard disk drive cost, especially considering the current situation in Thailand, affecting the storage cost and the cost of hardware compression. Coaxial cable compression supply is actually an oligopoly market, or niche market, other manufacturers also do not fit into the fray.
3, the education market. Manufacturers need to correct market segmentation, promote the coaxial cable as the simulation or network video monitoring solution for a potential alternative products.

So, what is the 2012 we expect? IMSResearch prediction, manufacturers will continue to promote the coaxial cable equipment to end users, improve the availability and selectivity. There is a large manufacturer support, such as Sony and Samsung techwin, coaxial cable products large video monitoring brand in 2012 may have more and more will start to introduce some form in their product portfolio. Such as last year's forecast, we do not believe that in 2012 the market demand for coaxial cable equipment will surge. However, IMSResearch prediction, as more and more manufacturers began promoting the technology development, the coaxial cable market growth is strong, the market scale will increase nearly doubled.

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