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High-speed Rail diplomatic success Chinese cable "borrow"

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-06-20

The 17 day, Li Keqiang said the prime minister talks with British Prime Minister Cameron in London, the two countries should build nuclear power, High-speed Rail infrastructure cooperation. Cameron said, Britain is ready to deepen cooperation with China High-speed Rail field.

On the same day, "High-speed Rail" written by the Sino British joint declaration. Said in a statement, the two sides agreed to promote each other in the market about rail transit (including High-speed Rail) design consulting, project construction, equipment supply and maintenance of facilities in areas such as substantive cooperation. It is reported, the two sides may cooperate High-speed Rail project, is connects London and Northern England cost about 50000000000 pounds of HS2 High-speed Rail project.

Dynamic High-speed Rail train depends mainly on the power, High-speed Rail cable has become the main artery High-speed Rail operation. With the High-speed Rail continue to go out of the country, the master High-speed Rail cable production technology enterprises will benefit from the cable, cable industry will usher in more business opportunities.

Since October 2013, Chinese frequent high-level recommended China High-speed Rail, Chinese planning in the High-speed Rail layout will be all over the world. Wang Mengshu China Academy of engineering, said, China is and twenty or thirty countries are on High-speed Rail cooperation. He said, High-speed Rail went out, relevant industrial factories can also go out of the country, with a High-speed Rail bring the whole industry chain "export". Can foreknow, Chinese cable will also vary with the High-speed Rail Diplomacy around the world.

In order to meet the High-speed Rail construction needs, the use of power cables are required low smoke halogen-free, flame retardant, fire resistant, oil resistant, Mura Toko, moisture resistant, waterproof, mould proof, anti rat, part also asked the termite. Hence, high and low voltage power cable, low smoke zero halogen cable, mica tape insulation fireproof cables, mineral insulated cable, coaxial cable, demand is expected to increase further. Station and tunnel lighting cable demand should not be overlooked.

In this regard, the domestic cable companies to go out of the country, in response to the European Standard Test full of confidence. Zheng Zhongnan, chairman of Limited by Share Ltd in Guangdong Nanyang cable group said, cable rail has always been the Nanyang cable development direction. China's first High-speed Rail Zheng Xi High-speed Rail, since 2010 February has been the safe operation for nearly 4 years, Nanyang cable withstood the test, the strict requirements of the technical indicators have reached the design and operation of. Deputy general manager of Anhui Zhongsheng cable group said, domestic cable enterprise related technology is increasingly perfect, have foreign competition ability.

With the High-speed Rail go out of the country, High-speed Rail cable standard also promptly with the adjustment, the standard demand High-speed Rail projects to ensure quality, enhancing the support of technology. And then, and then gradually expand the overseas market, as Chinese High-speed Rail cable in the world to win more rights to speak, Chinese High-speed Rail cable famous global point the day and await for it.

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