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How to guarantee the performance of the cable in the outdoor

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-04-04

Incorrect or inappropriate choice can lead to limited wiring investment shortened, many users and device is faced with how to building cheap and efficient data transmission problems in the environment of the park. Route selection, transmission distance and the application environment will affect the medium of choice for cable. Re device can also lead to stop the network system.

Usually for a network connection is the choice of optical fiber system. Overhead optical true in fiber optic cabling system terminal and photoelectric devices, if outdoor applications. When the user need only in the floor of 50 meters distance transmission of 10Mbp or 100Mbp, generally do not use fiber.
So choose outdoor buried existing reinforced cable will bring cheap link. Before choosing these outdoor LAN cable it should design fully understand. The 5 types of copper cables buried underground or overhead laying may lead to a network transmission along the wiring line failure. >
These aluminium polymerization data overlapping sealing as maintenance, for many years has been used in communication cable protection net wet maintenance. The permeability of water vapor to enter the path to prevent water. However an unprotected dry cable will need to suffer the liquefaction of up to six months to a year due to infiltration of moisture protection, a dry cable will net was completely maintenance. Cable design about similar to foil screen LAN cable, general simple termination.
Wiring system designers must consider the application environment, so. This includes the environment and the influence of cable parameters.
Specification for LAN cable can be applied, the cable is placed on: under the eaves. Cable as long as not exposed to direct sunlight or ultra high temperature. Recommend the use of pipeline:

On the wall. To prevent direct sunlight walls and man-made damage;
Pay attention to heat damage and metal pipe plastic pipe; the pipe (plastic or metal as in a pipe. )
This kind of environment is the control device of cable trench minimum to the regular dry or moist degree examination; application of suspended / overhead cable. The cable sag and stress. Intend to adopt what kind of binding? The cable is to be direct sunlight; lay directly in the underground cable trench. >
Pipe laying is a better method. But don't expect to pipeline will always keep dry, underground pipeline. In order to facilitate future upgrades, cable replacement and surface pressure and the surrounding environment is isolated. This will impact on the cable type selection.

Factors which influence the performance of cable:
Should choose the black polyethylene or PVC cable sheath, ultraviolet (UV not to direct environment without UV protection cable used in sun within. As Ben Baorui company (Brand-Rex 4 on enhanced 5 MegaOutdoor outdoor cable, with metal net moisture maintenance layer and black polyethylene sheath, is suitable for most building connected, whether the overhead laying, ground equipment or pipeline construction can be used:
Many of the aggregate data in this temperature will reduce the service life, heat - cable in a metal pipe or a wire groove at very high temperatures. Should choose the black polyethylene or PVC;

Thus the impedance decreased and caused the near end crosstalk problem. If a very effective prevent moisture and water vapor, water water is the real killer LAN cable. LAN twisted pair cable capacitance in water will increase the cable. The protective layer of metal shielding net;
Mechanical damage (repair costs) cable repair is a discontinuity is very noble need at least two termination;
You must comply with the corresponding specification; ground - if the cable shield to ground. >
Its total length should be restricted within 90 meters. The total length of the route (not only refers to the floor), using outdoor LAN UTP cable. >
The installation distance can not exceed the limit. If laid at the distance of 100 meters to 300 meters between, for the 100Mbp or 1000Mbp network. You should choose cable. With a small copper (1 cm) in accordance with the AN/NZSD standard test cable; the cable cutting local soaking in water for 1-2 minutes, use the following simple experimental self testing a wiring whether investment security: 20 meters enhanced category 5 UTP cable are respectively connected with both ends of the cable end; midpoint location carefully through the cable sheath. Then re test.

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