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How to prevent the wire cable fire

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-15

1 to ensure the construction quality, especially the manufacturing quality of the cable head must strictly comply with the requirements.

2 strengthen the monitor cable cable operation, avoid overload operation.

3 regular cable testing, not normally found to be timely processing.

4 cable trench should keep dry, to prevent damp caused by cable, insulation deterioration, caused by short circuit.

5 regular cleaning dust accumulates the cable, prevent the dust caused by self ignition cable ignition product.

6 strengthen the regular check cable circuit switch and the protection of maintenance, to ensure the reliable action.

7 when laying the cable to maintain sufficient distance and heat pipe, control cable, not less than 0.5 meters power cable; not less than l meters. Control cable and power cable shall be slotted, layered and separate layout, not inter layer overlapping placement. Do not conform to the provisions of part, cables shall be flame retardant, insulation measures.

8 installation of fire alarm device for detecting, preventing cable fire.

9 take fireproof measures. Fire retardant cable with measures:
(1) the cable for the adiabatic flame resistance material wrapped, when the cable around the fire, bandaging cable is adiabatic flame resistant materials and the fire from burning. If the cable fire, due to lack of oxygen binding in vivo can make the fire Zixi, avoid the fire from spreading to the bandage body.
(2) the pores of the cable through the wall, bottom plate, shaft for refractories of tight sealing, preventing cable fire, high temperature smoke spread and cause fire spread.
(3) on the surface of cable fireproof paint brush.
(4) with fireproof bag will prevent burning part of the cable winding.
(5) heat fire insulation board is arranged in the cable layer, prevent the cable cross burning fire, expand.
(6) sets the segment partition and fire doors in the cable channel, to prevent the cable. Burning fire, expand.

10 is equipped with the necessary fire fighting equipment and facilities. Overhead cable fire extinguisher to put out the fire can be used, but the installation of automatic or remote control fire extinguishing device should be in the cable interlayer, shaft, channel and tunnel etc., for example 1301 fire extinguisher, water spray extinguishing device etc..

Cable fire fighting cable fire fighting fire when the cable fire, should be quickly alarm, immediately ascertain ignition system and to the cable belongs to, as soon as the ignition operation of cable adjustment, and cut off the power ignition cable exit operation. The cable will produce toxic gases when burned, so special attention should be paid to protection of cable fire suppression.

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