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Hunan 40000000000 electric wire & cable "cake" Hunan enterprises why eat less?

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-05-22

On May 16th, Changsha Xinyuan White Swan Inn Hotel conference room on the third floor, ushered in the 45 Hunan wire and cable industry enterprises mister. This is the first industry this group together.

"In 2013, Hunan wire and cable industry output value of 12920000000 yuan, while the demand is 40000000000 yuan. Output value of large half of the country has been foreign enterprises occupy, local enterprises if we do not develop, this "big cake" will be provincial enterprises divide! "On the same day, the newly established Hunan wire and cable industry association secretary general Liu Ming said.

Wire and cable industry is the national economy "blood" and "nerve", where there is power, there is energy, such as power, real estate, communication, automobile, electronics and other fields need to wire and cable. In 2013, the scale of China's wire and cable industry output value of more than $1.3, has become the second largest industry in China machinery industry behind the car.

Cable industry chain is not formed, the production cost of the enterprise to fall

In the last century 90's before, in the highest domestic wire and cable industry scale in Hunan, but with the rapid development of Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui Province, Hunan enterprises scale in the country have been in the medium level.

At present, Hunan wire and cable business less than 100, accounting for 1.1% of the national electric wire & cable more than 9000; in 2013 the output value of 12920000000 yuan, accounting for the national electric wire and cable sales 1300000000000 yuan 1%.

"Electric wire and cable in the industrial chain of the end, is a deep and * * * * industry, the high cost of production. "Hualing cable Limited by Share Ltd chief engineer Zhang Gongzhuo, has experienced nearly 30 years of practice the cable industry. His analysis, Hunan has not yet formed a complete electrical wire and cable industry chain, resulting in the current not to the scale of the industry, the enterprise cost does not fall dilemma.

Wire and cable materials including copper, aluminum, plastic etc.. Zhang Gongzhuo introduces, at present, the production enterprises in the province of raw materials for quality, scale and other reasons, few can form a supporting or industry chain and wire and cable industry. Wire and cable enterprises in the province material suppliers mostly from other provinces. "Raw materials accounted for 80% of the cost of wire and cable. Visible, if the local raw materials enterprise to develop, can form an annual output value of 30000000000 yuan of industrial. At the same time, wire and cable enterprises will also reduce the cost of logistics, so as to reduce the production cost. "

Downstream industry's profits are foreign enterprises gradually swallowed

At present, the wire and cable enterprises in our province is the vast majority of small and medium-sized private enterprises, industry concentration is low, the ability of independent innovation is weak. In the big profit of ultra high voltage power cable, oil mining, ship, submarine cable, high-rise buildings, nuclear power station, national projects, the small proportion of high-end products.

In the field of high-grade cable, the French Alcatel, Italy Pu Rui Mann, American Pirelli, Furukawa, Sumitomo and other enterprises have entered Hunan, Hunan market to seize the multinational giants. In the field of low-end products, stronger domestic manufacturers such as Jiangsu in the Far East, Jiangsu Baosheng, Guangdong Nanyang by technology and capital advantages, have set up joint ventures, wholly foreign owned enterprises in our province, and the production of high voltage power cables and special cables, the market share occupied Hunan higher.

Another big bottleneck that perplexes Hunan wire and cable enterprises in low-end market, is false and inferior product repeatedly.

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