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Market and development of cable industry

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-05-24

In 2013, profit is low, the homogenization of serious, in the low-end market competition phenomenon Chinese wire and cable industry; in 2014 the industry is changed, cable products development is present: ecological, environmental protection; construction; high pressure, high pressure and fine four trends.

In recent years, the scale of manufacturing in China cable industry to increase in the rapid, extensive development, expansion in the non rational. However, the progress of technology and product upgrading is slow, the homogenization of competition is serious, leading the entire industry overcapacity. To change this situation, and realize sustainable development of enterprises, transformation and upgrading is be imperative. In 2014, Chinese local cable industry pressure, the competition is mainly from the market and foreign enterprises. The market demand is increasing, foreign capital is more and more big, all kinds of standards emerge in an endless stream, how to do not only respond to challenges, to become the leader and founder of the rules of the game. This is not an easy matter.

At present, China's low-end wire and cable products overcapacity still exists, but high-end cable products market is in short supply in the domestic market, there are 6000000000 yuan of high-end products are imported every year in our country. Since long, harsh competition Chinese cable production enterprises in the low-end market, profit margins are being squeezed. While the high-end cable due to the lucrative to attract more and more enterprises trial production. However, most of the high-end cable, production capacity and supply the domestic far can not meet the actual demand.

This is mainly because the technology gap between domestic high-end cable products can not meet the required standard threshold, at present, the domestic high-end cable market largely nexen, Prysmian and other foreign enterprises occupied. For example, a cable with China aerospace, high-end electrical equipment, cable and other areas of wire and cable is very demanding, to ensure that the high-end electrical equipment in use process, data communication cable and transmission capacity can satisfy the demand for equipment. Therefore, there are 6000000000 yuan of high-end cable to be imported every year in our country.

However, industry conditions are improving, 2014, cable product development is present: ecological, environmental protection; construction; high pressure, high pressure and fine four trends.

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