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Mine cable fireproof principle analysis

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-27

Analysis of thermal effects in flame retardant mechanism of combustion reaction under the mine cable fireproofing mechanism, in the condensed phase decomposition heat of flame retardant, the condensed phase temperature rises slow, slow decomposition rate of thermal; flame retardant thermal decomposition, release the chain reaction of free radical antagonists, the branch chain reaction flame, interrupt, slow down gas phase reaction; catalytic condensation phase thermal decomposition of solid products, enhance the formation of these layered shell impede heat transfer effect of coking layer or a foam layer; under thermal effect, flame retardant appear endothermic phase change, physical to prevent condensation tank temperature. Adding a certain additive refractory mechanism in mine cable insulation and sheath materials, reduce the heat generated by the polymer polymer, prevent or promote the decomposition of insulation and sheath material to form a protective layer of carbonization; online core adding another layer of mica glass ribbon and other inorganic insulating material, in the insulation and sheath layer is the fire burning, wrapped around the conductor the mica fireproof belt protection and continue to electricity, normal operation so as to maintain a certain time in the fire..

Copper wire, the mine communication cable insulating material, copper aluminum tape and other major raw materials, directly determines the electrical properties of the cable and the mechanical and physical properties. The selection and quality control of raw materials is a prerequisite, is the base of product quality control. Therefore, the raw material should be selected according to the technical requirements of the ideal products, according to the inspection specification batch testing should be the raw materials into the factory, ensuring the qualified raw materials; insulating materials, copper, aluminum and other key materials in the use and storage process, should prevent pollution, oxidation, moisture of raw material use; the term should be used within the prescribed period; signs, all kinds of insulation materials identification must be clear, accurate, prevents any confusion. Complete production equipment of the production equipment should ensure the integrity, should be able to ensure the realization of processing capacity of sustained and stable products, product channel equipment should ensure that the products can not be worn, scratches, extrusion, bending, tension mechanism should be stable and reliable product quality, to avoid the defects caused by the tension out of control; the temperature of the device, pressure, speed, length, diameter and concentricity, capacitor, spark detection instruments and sensors should be accurate, clear display, convenient for observation, according to the relevant provisions and requirements often cleaning maintenance, and set the stage for verification, calibration.

The self and mutual inspection cable manufacturing process of self and mutual inspection is very important, production workers to master the process of every shift, to understand the difference between the dynamic quality, timely revise and excluded by self and mutual inspection, consistency is good for product; can also through self and mutual inspection on the convergence procedure, to ensure the correctness of products, to prevent unqualified products into the next process caused by product nonconformities and greater losses. Strict factory inspection checks product mainly has the factory quality inspection special inspection and quality control in the production process of various procedures.

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