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Modern aluminum alloy cable caused by the aluminum smelting technology pioneer in Miss

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-04-10

On the development of modern aluminum alloy cable we started with vigour and vitality of the day, always R & D and smelting technology pioneer of the world aluminum has a strong sense of nostalgia.

In the world of aluminum smelting technology R & D and history, have recorded several pioneer scientist brilliant achievements and heartwarming moral personality. Great scientists senior, or young university students in reading, in the face of scientific achievements and honors, they don't have to be jealous of each other, but don't forget the shoulder and peer encouragement. Seminar on modern aluminum alloy cable technology in 2013 held in Changsha, with an article in this review describes, very touching.

According to historical records, aluminum smelting technology from germination to maturity before and after the experience of 50 years, has been 120 years of history.

In 1825, Danish physicist Hans o Christian o OE the chlorine gas by burning charcoal and alumina mixtures of aluminum chloride is made, and then the aluminium chloride potassium amalgam made from aluminum amalgam, and the metal aluminum amalgam mercury evaporated in vacuum and made low purity. This process is very complicated, there is no practical value, Oster himself gave up study.

In 1827, a study on the German chemist Frederic o Wheeler, and made of pure aluminum metal potassium and aluminum chloride anhydrous reaction, but because of the economic cost is too high and not practical large-scale production.

In 1854, the French chemist Deweier improved aluminum process Wheeler, using metallic sodium and anhydrous aluminum chloride is heated with metallic luster and shine small aluminum ball, and extracts 100000 pounds of pure aluminum method. However, although Deweier using metallic sodium can significantly reduce the cost, but still can not meet the requirements of mass production.

In 1884, Charles America chemistry students at Oberlin College, only 23 years old. Martin. Hower, explore the process of cheap aluminium determination, in their own home bavin room set up home laboratory, in 1886 February finally invented the cryolite molten salt electrolytic aluminum process, and apply for a patent. 3 years later, USA Aluminum Company adopted his cheap aluminum process.

In 1884, the same year only 23 year-old French Saint Babu college student Paul. Arrow, also on the exploration of cheap aluminium process generated strong interest, to carry on the experiment in the father's leather factory, in 1886 February also invented the cryolite molten salt electrolytic aluminum process, and apply for a patent. The same year, the French Brest brothers to buy his patent right. In 1889, the French power metallurgy company uses the ELO patent plant production, large-scale industrial production began to aluminum. In 1898, France Pei based company also began the process of aluminum electrolysis.

During 1886-1892, Austria chemist Bayer invented the process for extracting alumina from bauxite in, can save a lot of power, the history of science and technology called "Bayer process". Over the past 100 years, the aluminum process improvements, has become the main electrolytic aluminum world popular manufacturing process.

With the electrolytic aluminum smelting technology advances, the purity of aluminum continuous improvement. Pure aluminum smelting purity up to 99.6% at 900 ℃ electrolytic furnace using carbon anode and cathode. If purity alumina with high, pure aluminum can also use carbon electrode electrolysis smelting purity of 99.9. In 1969, America National Bureau of standards (NBS) in cooperation with the aluminium firm into a "super pure aluminum" [1] purity of 99.999%, the impurity content of 0.2ppm, the resistivity of 1500-2500, show the electrical performance and high purity copper.

In the early history of the world made of aluminum, four scientists are memorable, and become a model for future generations of scientific and technical personnel.

Two pioneers be of noble character and high prestige of scientists and the world aluminum technology, namely, the German chemist Frederic Weiler and French chemist Deweier. Although in the study of electrolytic aluminum, Deweier Ville before, but Deweier but The early bird catches based in Ville's research results, has achieved initial success. When Deweier made shiny aluminum ingots and put into industrial production, he did not claim credit for oneself and become arrogant, but he had made the first batch of aluminum ingots cast a medal, it respectfully engraved with Ville's name and the time "1827", presented to Ville.

The other two young scientists are college young college students, namely America Charles. Martin hall and the French Paul. Arrow. They not only made scientific contributions outstanding human beings, but also have a very noble character.

They were born in different countries, oceans apart, be strangers to each other, but they are in the golden age of 23 years old, and made remarkable achievements. He is the aluminum process research fellow, but no jealous. When howl accept Perkin award in 1911, Eliot to travel across many seas to American go and congratulate him. The two technical man, born in the same year, also died in the same age.

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