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Performance analysis of coaxial cable, twisted pair cable and optical fiber cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-13

   1, coaxial cable

 in monitoring system, using the coaxial cable 75 Ω, -5 is more common. In general, the coaxial cable of the distributed capacitance of about 50-60pF/m, the DC resistance coupled with cable, can make the signal being transmitted by the attenuation. The test shows that, the frequency of 5MHz signal transmission of 100m in coaxial cable 75 Ω, -5 inside, will be decreased about 5dB, the signal's frequency is high, the attenuation is large. Image signal is a high-frequency broadband signal, image color is located in high frequency, when using coaxial cable transmission of color image signal, its brightness and color are subject to decay, especially with the propagation distance increasing image color fades even distortion. Was measured in the laboratory, a color image signal transmission in the coaxial cable 75 Ω, -5 is about 200m, the magnitude and color have obvious attenuation. If you want to transfer greater distances, only to join the coaxial video amplifi.

 2, twisted pair cable

 in twisted pair cable as transmission medium, the general use of 5 kinds of commonly used UTP cable. The characteristic impedance in 100 Ω, the distributed capacitance of about 15pF/m, unlike the coaxial cable, signal transmission in a balanced manner in twisted pair, have with the use of twisted pair video transmission equipment and twisted pair, you can ensure that can transmit high quality video signals in the 1.5Km range. Using a special instrument in the laboratory performance indicators of twisted pair cable transmission image signal are tested, the results are as follows
 test instrument: Tektronix TSG-271 PAL signal generator, Tektronix VN700A video signal analyzer
 the equipment to be tested: twisted pair cable video transmission equipment, 5 kinds of UTP cable
 (1) the transmission distance is 300m
 index: DG = 1%; DP ≤ 1 °; SNR ≥ 65dB
 (2) the transmission distance is 1200m
 index: DG = 2%; DP ≤ 2 °; SNR ≥ 60dB

     3, optical fiber cable

optical fiber cable is an inevitable choice for remote monitoring of image transmission, it can provide the transmission distance of hundreds of kilometers, and can provide good quality image transmission. The Wuhan minimally invasive Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. WTOS-02 S4000 non performance of compressed digital video transmission equipment was tested using a special instrument in the laboratory, the results are as follows:
 DG ≤ 1%; DP ≤ 1 °; SNR ≥ 70dB.

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