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Radio and television network in the establishment of China: convergence or substantial advance

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-05-07

Radio and television network in the country be long in coming four years. As China's triple play one of the main pilot work of the national cable network company, Chinese broadcast television network Limited was formally established, the registered capital of 4500000000 yuan, the former Henan radio and television director Zhao Jingchun served as chairman of the board. At the same time, as an important area of the reform of the cultural system, the radio and television industry frequency was good policy. The State Council recently decided to radio and television industry portion of fees shall be exempt from value-added tax, preferential enterprise income tax in line with the conditions of enterprises.

Move when the life is easy, with various OTT box exist everywhere, concept gradually decline, radio and television network in the country to the value of the company have also been drawn on a question mark. To vary from minute to minute, market competition is gradually complicated, multivariate information communication industry, piaffe is backward. Now, the Internet Co and the telecom operators are to accelerate innovation and the transformation, is the two convergence world, radio and television network in the country as soon as possible to join the war to find their own position, to avoid being marginalized. In this regard, radio and television network in the country or around the IDC business to find the difference of breakthrough.

The network was established, triple play or substantial advance

According to the credit information publicity system in national enterprise registration information display, China radio and Television Network Limited was founded in April 17th, the registered capital of 4500000000 yuan, the company type is a limited liability company (state-owned), by Zhao Jingchun Ren Fading on behalf of people. The business scope of the enterprise for the cable TV network planning, construction, operation and maintenance; for the business technology research, technology development, information consulting.

According to the Ministry of finance, the State Press and publication according to SARFT March jointly issued the "Chinese radio and television network Co., the company's articles of association", by the Ministry of Finance on behalf of the State Council, perform the contributor's duties, the State Press and publication administration shall be responsible for organizing and hosting (after the central cultural enterprises of the relevant policies and regulations the state-owned assets supervision and Administration issued further rationalize relations) the registered capital of 4500000000 yuan, with all the money invested, allocated by the central government, divided into two in place.

As radio and Television Department to participate in the competition of the triple play market main body, in accordance with the overall plan and project integration, the creation of a national entity, as a cable television network in the triple play market main body is the pilot phase three nets fusion (2010-2012) is one of the goals of. But then our network radio constantly bouncing, let the convergence of three networks always stay in only the stairs stage. With the establishment of China's Radio and television broadcasting network, integrated direction will gradually clear, convergence will also have substantial advance.

In addition, the policy will continue to promote the process of integration of hair. In 2014 the government work report made clear, in the national implementation of the "three nets fusion". In April 16th, the State Council issued rules to further support the development of cultural enterprises, to support the radio and television industry to further deepen the integration advancement, in the period from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2016, the service of radio and television operators, cable digital TV ratings shall be exempt from fees and basic maintenance of Rural CATV basic subscription fees VAT charge. And the culture of enterprises in the industry identified as high-tech enterprises, according to 15% enterprise income tax. The analysis thinks, the radio and television industry introduce what better opportunity.

The princes and the country, radio and television network to itself?

In radio and television network in the country of dystocia and at the same time, the industry is changed. The rising of new technology, new business, continue to impact the telecom operators and broadcasters original business form. One is the large number of Internet Co and terminal enterprise with boxes and OTT business, to achieve some goal in triple play, radio and television operators, telecom operators, but is relegated to a supporting role in danger. Two is the background of crisis in the traditional media, video website construction and home-made content copyright invested heavily, radio and television content production advantage challenges.

On the other hand, the network has not yet been built, the local radio and television did not await one's doom, have accelerated the pace of cooperation and industry chain. For example, Zhengzhou mobile and Henan cable Zhengzhou branch, Hubei radio and television network and Hubei mobile fusion business cooperation. And recently, with nearly 18000000 cable customers Jiangsu SVA IPO application is approved, plus after the Print-Rite video, Gehua wired, Shaanxi TV, Hubei TV, Ji as the media, Wasu media, broadcast media, radio and television operators, more and more local radio and television to seek listing, let the network status of embarrassment.

With the radio and television network in the country is coming, the positioning of concern. According to estimation, total assets value evaluation of national radio and television network is about 150000000000 yuan, net assets of about 70000000000 yuan, if the listing Corporation assets value assessment, the wired network, the total assets of about 180000000000 yuan. While the radio network in the country started only 4500000000 yuan. According to the insiders, after the founding of China network integration possibility of local network has been basically does not exist, its core business is the interconnection platform to build national cable network, apply for broadcasting IDC license plate. According to "show China radio and television network Co., the company's articles of association", the company will build a national cable television network interconnection platform and operation support system, through a variety of measures to reach the requirement of tri networks integration; efforts to promote national cable television network upgrade and healthy development, and strive to become a large state-owned cultural enterprise competitive.

To business IDC and broadband breakthrough, promote the whole network integration

Three nets fusion expert said Wu Chunyong, IDC license is broadcasting network in the country to become "the basis of the fourth operators", through the IDC building, can put the Internet traffic control in radio and television network. Radio and television network in the country will also settlement, in network with reasonable price export bandwidth for qualification and policy more.

According to reports, digital video executives recently said, Chinese broadcast television network Limited is planning to apply for IDC (Internet data center operations) license, the two-way network business will play a role in promoting. With the development of Internet video industry, strengthen the video content control will be the regulatory force direction, which is also the value of radio IDC.

In addition, the ministry data shows, this year first quarter, three basic telecommunications business broadband access to Internet users reached 196000000. The above 4M, 8M and 20M broadband access user accounts for the proportion of the total number of broadband users are respectively 80.8%, 25.7%, 5.2%. FTTH/0 of up to 48100000 users each month, a net increase of about 2000000 households, accounting for the proportion of broadband users by the end of 21.6% to 23.5%. Fixed broadband at home, especially high-speed broadband still has great market space for development, which brings opportunities to the development of radio and TV cable and network.

According to the State Council approved the scheme of network, the network should be able to carry out value-added telecommunications business, according to basic telecommunications services, value-added telecom business management of the cable TV network to provide Internet access services based on. Along with the domestic telecommunications market a series of policy adjustment, broadcasting is expected to have a share in the broadband market.

The broadcasting system, make full use of Internet thinking, or in the reform of the cultural system to explore a different development path.

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