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Reasonable selection of copper cable distribution frame

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-19

If you are home decoration, the original Lu: Xian must be replaced by copper wire. Because aluminum is easily oxidized, the joints are easy to fire, according to the survey, the use of aluminum wire electrical fires occurred several times with copper wire. If only a change of switch and socket fiber distribution frame is an open box, optical fiber cable and its effect on bare protection, and provide storage sites for splicing, fiber optic adapter and connector. In no state, fiber optic adapter and connector should be protected from dust and other contaminants.

Economic type optical fiber distribution frame
The fragile economic type optical fiber distribution frame structure, no cable management, sealed tube or label equipment. Connector spacing their general inhomogeneous, and usually do not provide adapter. Economic type optical fiber distribution frame can also be very shallow, this may cause damage to the fiber.
In the end of the optical fiber distribution frame
In the end the fiber distribution frame to use good quality material, its label can generally and recognized label producers exchange. Glue some cable stayed structure, can be fixed or adjustable front frame depth case inserts.

High-end fiber distribution frame
All the characteristics of high-end fiber distribution frame often has in the end optical fiber distribution frame, but also in the structure more compact. High-end fiber distribution frame to provide all the related accessories, including support device for cable management device and connector; they are fixed on the studs, and the adhesive substrates in the active device to generate heat when loosening. Cable bandage, locking nut, fixed tool and label equipment are provided. The frame is generally different types of connectors.
We now consider to install the factors that must be considered in selection of suitable copper wiring frame. Copper wiring frame into the general economy, in the end or high-end distribution frame.

Economic type distribution frame
Economic type frame is structurally fragile, unstable performance over the lack of technical support or warranty. The installation cost distribution frame termination will generally cost more, no cable management device support, and label equipment is very poor. Economic type frame usually in every U space port density is also lower.

In the end the frame
In the end the frame made of materials with good quality, can play than the performance of economic type frame better. By third parties for their independent testing, and provide some form of long warranty. Using industry standard tools for termination often seems easy, tag is also compatible with recognized industry label manufacturers. In the end the frame is the frame of higher density.

High end frame
High end frame is generally firm structure, reliable performance and test certificate has an independent. The cable management devices are generally equipped with built-in support and protection of cables, and thus easily terminated. At the same time also provides accessories, including cable tie, cable management with the lock nut and label equipment. The contact plate of gold would be more thick, so that the jumper can reach more reliable contact insertion. Some of the frame is equipped with a complete socket.

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