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Safety inspection of cable line

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-17

General cable lines laid in the ground, safety operation and inspection work to do a good job in the cable, we must fully understand the laying method, structural layout, wiring and cable head arrangement of cable lines, general requirements of quarterly safety inspections, and should always monitor the load and heat. In case of rain, floods and other special circumstances and failure, to temporarily increase the security check number. Safety inspection of cable line should focus on checking the following items:

1 cable terminal and porcelain bushing has no damage and discharge. A cable rubber to fill (oil) cable terminal head, check whether there is leakage glue overflow phenomenon;

2 Cable to apply, should check the cable surface has no rust, damage, or along the bracket off hook, line and near without piling flammable and corrosive objects;

3 pairs of dark or underground cable, should check the ground cover and other coverings is intact, there are no traces of excavation, line stake is complete;

4 cable trench without water or water seepage phenomenon, whether the pile of debris and flammable and explosive articles;

5 The lines on the ground is good, there is no loosening, broken and the corrosion phenomenon.

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