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Selection and procurement wiring cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-29

The hospital is the most important consideration of electromagnetic interference cable on the transmission bandwidth demand and medical equipment in hospital, because the area occupied by building larger, more complex, functional requirements, to put it into a multi-functional building groups, building design in accordance with requirements between cable laying, in order to meet the needs of many conditions, use the shielded wire and fiber optic cabling system more appropriate.

Two,the intermediate users, mainly processing data, voice and multimedia information, has a certain scale, but the speed of information transmission is not high, mid-range office buildings, factories, schools and intelligent as the representative. This kind of architecture in the wiring uses optical fiber as the backbone, horizontal wiring uses ultra five copper (or six), the voice circuit using three kinds of logarithmic copper. For example, integrated wiring school building is a whole building complex wiring, more to take into account the construction network backbone optical fiber. The school has more functions, has a teaching building, experimental base, a public hall, library, science museum and student hostels, but the overall demand on network is relatively not too high, so the level of the system most will choose the category five cable. Of course, does not rule out some individual places will also take into account the level of demand, using six types of cable, such as the science museum, etc..

Three,the ordinary users, mainly to achieve the transmission of information is the basic needs, such as ordinary residential. Integrated wiring residential building has two characteristics:

The Home Furnishing comprehensive wiring box complete distribution function, but not the processing of information (such as exchange, storage, processing, transmission).
The wiring is management and processing of information are together, actually should be called "family information wiring equipment", both the distribution function, and transmission of telephone, network information exchange, on the family table 3 copies, the SOS family intelligent transfer control information and transmission. Generally use the pure copper wiring, pay attention to high quality and inexpensive.

In the integrated wiring product line, there is a solution of a household, the system uses the glyph module, using a specially designed line entrance mode, can transmit a data and two telephones in a super category 5 UTP cable, for investors to save a lot of money, has excellent price.
Each active electronic and electrical equipment may produce electromagnetic interference to disrupt the network communication. With the increasing use of electronic devices, this problem becomes more and more prominent. In the selection of cable and cable wiring into account, how to prevent electromagnetic interference in order to protect the communication is also a very important problem.

All of the network components in the selection of connectors and wiring frame, with EMI interference measures must be. The use of shielded cable, well grounded cable and connector correct termination and cable jacket is a very important point. Any shielding incomplete will reduce the protection function of the shielding layer, thereby reducing the anti electromagnetic interference (EMI) efficiency. Wire cable shall be in accordance with the method of the manufacturer's recommended, should try to avoid signal interference potential. Then, should fully consider the rapid development and the cable and follow the international standard lines related to the specified index.

Fluorescent lamps, elevator motor, automatic door and air conditioning unit are a potential source of electromagnetic interference. The equipment is old, electromagnetic interference is generated. For those who are unable to avoid and overcome the electromagnetic interference source, the use of metal pipe closed can provide additional protection measures for wiring system. In the electromagnetic interference specific or sensitive environment, the use of optical fiber may be the only choice.

Cable selection is an important issue that can not be ignored when wiring, I hope everyone can learn this knowledge.

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