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Several development trends of power cable manufacturing industry

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-06-18

Chinese electric power industry for a long time the existence of "power, light grid" phenomenon, power supply and power ratio is 7:3, while the proportion of developed countries basically is 5:5, followed by the transmission bottleneck restriction problems of power supply, which is bound to the power grid construction brings good development opportunities.

Industry a device belongs to electric cable manufacturing industry of power transmission, the relatively low technological content, low barriers to entry, the user is China State Grid Corp, this market led to the loss of pricing power part, many equipment suppliers, the entire industry after the rapid expansion after the raw material prices rising, the industry increasingly fierce competition, profits are the downward trend; the two power transmission and transformation equipment industry is a cyclical fluctuations relatively small industry, which relates to the high-tech field, technical barriers to high, by a few large companies. In view of the development prospects of China's power industry, as the industry in the promotion of the environment still has space to develop better wire and cable manufacturing industry.

From the development of the power cable industry, the development of the next few years power cable basically will show the following trends:

(1) 1KV and below voltage power cables while still using PVC cable, but low voltage XLPE cable to gradually replace the PVC cable trend will be enhanced, the application will increase the amount of warm water crosslinking cable. Low smoke halogen-free flame retardant cable will development.

(2) 6 /35KV medium voltage power cable XLPE cables still dominant, prefabricated cable accessories have more and more extensive application.

(3) 110 ~ application of 220KV XLPE cable will be more than oil filled cable accessories, need to improve supply capacity. Oil filled cable applied in China to reduce the amount of oil filled cable, should increase the quantity of exports. Stainless steel electrode

(4) research should start superconducting cable. Research on basic structure, production process, performance test and the superconducting connection, to produce samples.

Wire and cable is widely used in energy, transportation, communication, construction, railway, city rail, automobile, aviation, metallurgy, petrochemical and many other industries, at present, China's wire and cable industry is in a new stage of development, with the development of the next few years domestic urbanization, industrialization, for wire and cable the demand for communication networks, power grid construction, transportation and other fields are still in fast growth.

At present, the national electric wire and cable industry has more than 6000 enterprises, industrial concentration is very low, "small and complete", "intermediate state" of the enterprises, the scale economy is poor, therefore, the domestic wire and cable industry in the low-end product competition.

However, in the emphasis on safety and environmental protection high-grade electric wire and cable products (such as low smoke, non halogen, flame retardant cable fire, etc.), high value-added products, product gross margin as high as 40%. Due to insufficient capacity, China needs to import to meet demand. This is the domestic own core technology, wire and cable master production capacity of special cable products manufacturing enterprises set aside vast development space.

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