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Simple circuit test of twisted pair cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-29

twisted pair cable
 Figure 1

Using the system shown in Figure 1, you can quickly test a cable comprising a twisted pair, can detect open circuit or wiring to pour, line to short-circuit, and short circuit problem independent line between. The tester consists of an active testing and passive terminal, both ends are respectively inserted cable. (the following with a RS-449 cable as an example. )
The test piece is powered by batteries, DC power supply or 15V~24V. Voltage regulator (IC1) connected to a current regulator, provide a nominal 25mA current for each end of the LED cable series. Cable in this example contains eight twisted pair cable, if good, then tested on all eight LED (DA~DH is a section of a bar display series) and the terminal parts on all eight LED (D1~D8) are luminous. If a pair of open or reverse connection, terminal of the corresponding LED element extinguished; if a short circuit, the corresponding LED on both ends are extinguished; if any of two different lines of independent wire circuit, all of the intermediate LED is connected in series are extinguished. For example, if the short circuit fourth, 6 line, LED DA, DB, D1 and D2 will be extinguished.

For safety consideration, can add a heat sink for the regulator IC1, but the instrument work can be completely in the limited power regulator. Even though there are many lines of short circuit, the 700mW junction temperature power generated will not exceed 60 ° C, and IC guaranteed shutdown temperature is 160 ° C. The cost of making the test instrument of less than $50.

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