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State Grid Hebei power company officially launched the UHV preparatory work

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-05-14
In May 7th, Hebei province electric power company officially launched the 2~3 grid analysis and checking of rolling, the power flow, UHV project after the commissioning of the transient stability, small signal stability, short circuit current, voltage without power calculation, determine the UHV project delivery capabilities, analysis of electric network reinforcement measures, operation control strategy and supporting stability control measures, to provide protection for UHV project landing. This is a specific action in the network of Hebei power to do the preliminary work of UHV project.
After a few days, the company has obtained the Hebei province development and Reform Commission agreed to build Mengxi - Tianjin South exchange, Ximeng - Taizhou UHV DC project (Hebei section) of the letter, for the 1000000 volt Ximeng - Shandong UHV project planning and site selection, land pre-trial and other supporting documents, agreements and completed UHV project 500000 V project feasibility study stage for the work, fall to the ground and lay the foundation for the special high-voltage engineering.
To ensure high voltage engineering "in, come down", the network of Hebei power and strengthen all levels of government communication, positive for the Hebei province development and Reform Commission and relevant departments issued a series of policies is conducive to the development of UHV preparatory work, opened a preliminary work Easy Access, greatly accelerate the supporting documents for the work, for UHV preparatory work smoothly promote to create a good environment. State Grid Hebei power reasonable arrangements for the project progress, give full play to the supporting role of the design unit technology, further fulfill responsibility for, the node management, performance appraisal principle, increase the UHV preparatory work for the management and control efforts, improve intensive, flat, professional management level, to ensure that the special high-voltage engineering the project be approved.
The network of Hebei electric power construction task ahead of the situation, put forward a preliminary plan of UHV construction management. In a careful analysis of the company faced UHV construction task basis, actively "go out" research learning, in terms of UHV construction management mode, organization to make full use of other company advanced experience; previous work to further refine the UHV project, is the first half of 9 key management tasks and 20 key the node plan, prepare UHV construction technology, personnel, construction machinery, construction plan, ensure the work in an orderly fashion.
In addition, the network of Hebei power pre start the UHV production preparation work, relying on the existing professional management organization, clear UHV preparation for production of the specialized agencies, the UHV production preparation into the daily management. Do preparatory work for projects, centralized training selection professionals; to strengthen the pre construction of UHV transmission line channel survey, collect data on meteorological conditions and special zone information; strengthen the localization of human resource, operation maintenance, security and live working equipment and other resources to conduct special investigation analysis, lay the foundation for the construction work one step.
State Grid Hebei power also launched a special high-voltage impact calculation analysis and special topic research, focus on the adaptability of Hebei South Network EHV power grid after the placement, equipment and operation strategy, grasp the change characteristics of power grid of UHV operation; further improve the regulation and grid technology support departments and personnel in the UHV operation control the level of business, provided the technical reserves for UHV commissioning and operation.
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