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Status of composite material core power wire carbon fiber

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-31

In twentieth Century 90 time, Japanese scholars to study the steel core is replaced with carbon fiber composite core, developed a carbon fiber composite core aluminum stranded wire. Carbon fiber composite core is made of carbon fiber as the center layer and glass fiber coating made of one or a plurality of mandrel. Carbon fiber composite core conductor (ACCC) is a conductor used for overhead transmission lines with a new concept, the use of carbon fiber composite core steel core traditional ACSR in, is the innovative application in conductor composite materials, can save the transmission line corridor 20-40%, can reduce the new line half of the land the occupied area; energy saving, the 220Kv line every kilometer reduce power loss will reach 200000 yuan; wire transmission capacity is increased by about 30-50%.

In 2003, USA CTC (composite Technology company) launched ACCC (Aluminum conductor composite core) composite core conductor, USA earliest successful implementation of composite core conductor transmission line, Europe and the United States consists of 19 lines (both single loop) the use of the wire, America 16 lines; the French 2 lines 1 lines of Japan; Spain; carbon fiber composite core lead by major Japanese steel company production, conductor for 66kV transmission lines in the Tohoku electric power company of Miyagi branch on trial. At present, India, Poland, Brazil and other countries are also actively developing carbon fiber composite core conductor technology, India as the most potential market is promoting the composite core conductor transmission line application. China's Jiangsu Yuandong cable limited company introduces USA CTC composite core products in 2005, ACCC wire co production, purchasing lead America CTC composite core manufacturing has been in a number of areas in China running more than 100. In 2008, a carbon fiber composite core lead project of Hebei Silicon Valley chemical company in Yongnian County, Handan city construction.

In 2010 September, China Power Academy of Sciences assume science and technology project of the China State Grid Corp "carbon fiber composite core dilatancy wire development" successfully passed the acceptance, and has more than 50 lines up trial operation. So far, in addition to Africa countries outside, other continents have a successful application of carbon fiber composite core wire. At present, the global carbon fiber composite core application mileage of over 10000 km, of which more than 5000 km Chinese. At the present stage of the carbon fiber composite core conductor used in line reconstruction based on new lines, not a large-scale promotion, the main safety reliability, practicality, stability problems. How to further reduce the reliability and safety assessment of carbon fiber composite wire cost, ACCC production, construction and operation of the further study.

The China State Grid Corp has developed application plan during the 12th Five Year Plan period ACCC; application of localization technology, low cost technology, aging and safe life assessment, nondestructive detection and line detection application technology research project in ACCC; Chinese EPRI and related standard cables which has been compiled of carbon fiber reinforced composites, the manufacturer has build 158 CF core special pultrusion production lines, to further increase the industrial R & D efforts, gradually reduce the price of product.

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